DiscoverThe Jordan B. Peterson PodcastS4E36: From the Beginning to Now | Lawrence Krauss
S4E36: From the Beginning to Now | Lawrence Krauss

S4E36: From the Beginning to Now | Lawrence Krauss

Update: 2021-07-1224


This episode was recorded on May 7th 2021

On this episode of the Jordan Peterson Podcast, Jordan is accompanied by American-Canadian theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence M. Krauss. Throughout his career, Dr. Krauss has made remarkable contributions to the field of research on particle physics and cosmology. Dr. Krauss formerly worked at Yale University, Case Western Reserve University, and Arizona State University. Dr. Krauss also founded ASU’s Origins Project, a non-profit corporation that holds public panel discussions on science, culture, and social issues. Some of his work includes popular books such as The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe from Nothing.

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Comments (6)

Oussama A.

This is horribly edited

Aug 17th

Andrew Mako

The first half of the discussion really amazed me with how much certainty there is in this scientific understanding of the history of the universe and the.dramatic changes in it's constitution through time. The second part where they discussed religion I think provides a nice opportunity to temper one's faith, but I didn't find that the guest provided very rational or empirical arguments that should shift persons position regarding religion or atheism one way or the other. I found it more than bit ironic that this scientist would call religion "evil". It seemed so out of place to use such a subjective/emotional word that wholy belongs to the realm of religion in an attempt to discredit religion. Very weird. I also thought there was some what of a miss as the claim was made that religion has not added any knowledge to humanity over the last 1000 years, and the host immediately points out that there has been a measurable move away from dogma toward a more spiritual understanding and relationship to existence. Doesn't that change suggest that there maybe some real growth and evolution happening because of religion. Also, having a scientist mind "glaze-over” from a word that needs to be defined seemed a little weak like some kind of a dodge. Finally, I strongly disagree that being a believer negates questioning. The history of the evolving religions doesn't bear that out. Also, the gospels are full of examples of questions being asked both by and to Jesus.

Jul 28th

Thomas Taylor

a tad full of himself. plenty of smarter scientists would disagree with a lot of what he says. also, when one calls the Bible 'fairy tales', I see he lets emotion cloud his judgements. you can say some of the Bible is fairy tales, but when other scientists keep finding things in the ground which confirm truths in the Bible, of things only previously known to those that believe at least some of it, it shows me he's just another scientist looking only for and at that which confirms his biases. even though he claims otherwise.

Jul 13th
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S4E36: From the Beginning to Now | Lawrence Krauss

S4E36: From the Beginning to Now | Lawrence Krauss

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson