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Savage Lovecast Episode 864

Savage Lovecast Episode 864

Update: 2023-05-091


A woman suddenly started having orgasms while using the elliptical machine at the gym. To help explain this potentially embarrassing phenomenon, Dan brings on Dr. Debby Herbenick, author of The Coregasm Workout: The Revolutionary Method for Better Sex Through Exercise. And you now have a new goal.

A dom woman and her bi male sub are having a trouble trying to find a male unicorn. They have time constraints, and they live in a suburb, not a city. The guys they meet either can’t get it up, or ghost them. He is impatient to enjoy some male attention. How can they find the man of their three-way dreams?

On the Magnum, Dan brings on author and comedian Jolenta Greenberg. Jolenta co-hosts: How to be Fine, which analyzes self-help and wellness culture. They talk about how men are getting bamboozled into this genre as well as women, and you’ll enjoy a lengthy discussion about stinky dicks. And for you who insist on watching television, a discussion on how to pretend you’re familiar with something called “Real Housewives.” 

Finally, a woman’s aunt is so excited to embrace her newly discovered lesbianism that she is neglecting her infirmed husband. The uncle wants to keep it a secret and the aunt is over-sharing on social media. What is our poor caller to do? 

She did the right thing! She recorded her question and sent it to Q@Savage.Love. Or she called 206-302-2064. You can too. 

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Savage Lovecast Episode 864

Savage Lovecast Episode 864

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