DiscoverThe Burned PhotoShane's Imaginary Friend | S1E2
Shane's Imaginary Friend | S1E2

Shane's Imaginary Friend | S1E2

Update: 2021-10-0115


Bonnie learns the truth about Artie after a life-shattering series of tragedies. The creature that lurks in the shadows pursues a new quarry. This episode contains graphic violence and adult language.


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Comments (2)

mockingbird lane

I don't understand why she saw firsthand that this kid is obviously supernatural and still let him in the house. she doesn't think she's crazy and imagined that so why risk it?

Aug 19th

David Smith

man this podcast is so spooky and paranormal strange. I opener the first episode and the picture of a burning picture drove me to temporary madness and my 0hone burst into flames but it's a samsung so I shook my first at samsung and took the remain of my phone to get it replaced I got a replacement and got a call the next day that my phone wasn't returned I must have given them this photo by mistake and so I told them yes it was you have to give them the broken phone to get a replacement and they said all that was in the bag is a photo a burnt photo but the clerk who did the return said I brought in a phone and or all the piece or a phone and he bagged them. later my phone burst into flames again but as a samsung phone owner idgaf and have been using this here firey Boi all the while but I'm beginning to think this podcast may have something to do with it... spooky shit

Oct 19th








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Shane's Imaginary Friend | S1E2

Shane's Imaginary Friend | S1E2