DiscoverPossibleSocially Assistive Robots with Maja Matarić [AI miniseries]
Socially Assistive Robots with Maja Matarić [AI miniseries]

Socially Assistive Robots with Maja Matarić [AI miniseries]

Update: 2023-06-28


What if we each had a personal “buddy” to support us? Maja Mataric is a computer scientist, roboticist and AI researcher at the University of Southern California. She pioneered the field of socially assistive robotics: the design of robots to help humans—especially vulnerable people such as kids with autism, the elderly, and people struggling with illness—navigate complicated social needs. In the second episode of our AI miniseries, Maja, Reid, and Aria discuss AI, robots and our future with both. Throughout her career, Maja has sought to understand human needs and desires in order to create the right kind of robot. How big should it be? Should it be a humanoid? Animal? Or… WALL-E? These questions lead to the nature of empathy itself—and what it means for robots to be empathetic. Maja also responds to an AI-generated story that speculates on the role that a socially assistive robot could play for a multigenerational family.

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03:30 - What inspired Maja to pursue robotics?

06:09 - The pop culture perception of “doomsday robots”

07:32 - What are socially assistive robots?

10:20 - How socially assistive robots can enhance our humanity

12:55 - The relationship between an assistive robot and a human

16:19 - The hardware side of AI

20:05 - How our lives would look different with robots in them

24:06 - Why physically embodied robots are important

27:42 - AI story about intergenerational family and a robot assistant

31:16 - How VR/AR can be integrated with AI

38:34 - Rapidfire questions

44:10 - Debrief with Reid and Aria

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Socially Assistive Robots with Maja Matarić [AI miniseries]

Socially Assistive Robots with Maja Matarić [AI miniseries]

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