DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademySpecial Guest: Damien Boath - Down Under the Stars
Special Guest: Damien Boath - Down Under the Stars

Special Guest: Damien Boath - Down Under the Stars

Update: 2022-01-03



Welcome back to another episode of The Tragedy Academy; today, Jay meets Australian native Damien Boath. Damien shares with us his fascination for deep space and his love his pondering the unknown. Through his discovery of astrophotography, Damien can get a tiny glimpse of what is out there waiting for us to explore!

Key Points:

🇦🇺 Asking an Aussie

🍊 Florida’s weird reputation

🌌 Astrophotography

❤️‍🔥 Discovering the passion for Astrophotography

👩‍🚀 Envisioning exploring space

Episode Highlights:

[00:00 ] Introduction to Damien Boathe 

[06:01 ] Jay asks Damian what we all want to know about living in Australia. Damien sets the record straight on how common it is to see kangaroos in the wild, the truth behind koala’s deceiving cuddly face, and Aussie’s blunt banter.

[11:21 ] Jay weighs in on Florida’s weird reputation; he attributes it to the Sunshine Law where every portion of every meeting of an agency shall be open to public observation – essentially, It is available records state. Jay continues by providing significant state pros, like no state tax, high tourism, diverse cultures, tropical weather year-round, and low cost of living.       

[19:08Damien shares his fascination in deep space and the unknown; so deep he shares his hobby of Astrophotography with his son. He admits that taking on this hobby can get quite expensive and has a steep learning curve, but getting a glimpse of deep space makes it all worth it.

[24:10 ] Damien’s fascination with space deepened with the realization of knowing we are so minute compared to the universe. He points out that looking into space is like looking back in time. Similarly, he ponders how people in 1975 were able to look into space with limited technology.

[29:31 ] Damien and Jay dwell on the idea of what it would look like if we ever made it into deep space. How would it look? Would our senses even be able to understand it? Is there life on other planets? If there are, are they even looking for us?

[32:36 ] Damien shares an anecdote on how oblivious he is when women try to get his attention. He mentions his long marriage and recent divorce and notices a significant shift in dating culture. Time plus technology have made dating difficult in some ways and easy in others; etiquette and expectations are also different. 

[49:04 ] Outro

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Special Guest: Damien Boath - Down Under the Stars

Special Guest: Damien Boath - Down Under the Stars

Special Guest: Damien Boath