DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademySpecial Guest: Jaymes "The Face" Anthony
Special Guest: Jaymes "The Face" Anthony

Special Guest: Jaymes "The Face" Anthony

Update: 2021-09-27



In today's episode of The Tragedy Academy, Jay speaks to Jaymes The Face Anthony. Jaymes is the host of the YouTube show Jaymes Kickback, where he interviews celebrities, influencers, and artists to showcase their art and get to know them personally. Jaymes brings us on his self-discovery path and how he went from a sheltered child to live his most authentic life.

Key Points:

🎬 Origins of Jaymes kickback

🧐 Discovering yourself through the pandemic

🌪 Pivotal moments that led to Jaymes Kickback

🎩 Pursuing modeling and booking a first fashion show

🧎 Feeling stagnant and crying for direction

🥸 What does authenticity mean to you?

🏳️‍🌈 What does it mean to be queer?

⛪️ Growing up in the church


Episode Highlights:

[02:05 ] Jaymes knew that since he was a child, he wanted to be a superstar. He acknowledges that he knew he would not be a dancer nor singer; nevertheless, he felt the path to stardom was paved.

[03:57 ] In college, Jaymes studied to become a broadcast journalist and eventually dropped out, but he held on to his interest in interviewing and talking. He had it on the back burner until the pandemic, where he went all in and revisited his skills. Jaymes discloses feeling empowered to follow his dreams.  

[08:44 ] Growing up, Jaymes lived a sheltered life up until middle school. He shared a pivotal moment in his adolescent life when he knew he wanted to become a superstar. That moment came when he was watching cycle two of Americans Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. But he confesses to feeling hesitation at the lack of representation on the show.

[11:14 ] With stardom on his mind, Jaymes decides to pursue modeling. He spent a couple of years building his portfolio with photographers and agents but not bite. He went to every modeling agency in San Francisco but found it hard to get representation until his 2-year mark. During that time, Jayme confesses to feeling confused and discouraged as to why no one would sign him.

[15:36 ] Jaymes books his first fashion only after researching and learning that you do not need an agent to apply for shows. At his first runway show, Jaymes remembers being in awe of how beautiful everyone looked to the point that it brought up self-doubt.

[17:48 ] When the pandemic hit, Jaymes' modeling career went with it. He began feeling stagnant, unmotivated, and overwhelming anxious from wasted time passing by. At this point, Jaymes' was 25 years old and not feeling any closer to stardom than before. Yet, during the pandemic, Jayme hit a critical point in his life where he felt depressed and in need of direction.

[24:31 ] Jaymes shares what authenticity means to him; he describes it as something that comes naturally from you and is intentional. He also shares his experience of crying out for direction to God and finally having a light bulb moment where he realizes that his calling is in entertainment hosting. Once he got that vision, Jaymes immediately got to work.

[29:17 ] Growing up gay and of color what difficult for Jaymes, but he was fortunate enough that his parents never shunned him out; at the very most, they thought he was a bit eccentric and made ignorant comments.

[32:18 ] Jaymes defines what it means to be queer from his perspective. He describes the word as coinciding with the gay experience, and although people used it as an expletive, he embraced the word and took it back for himself.  

[36:14 ] Jaymes shares his experience in growing up in Oakland and being raised by a preacher's father. He reveals never wanting to go to church because he did not want to face scrutiny from other members. Jaymes was a flamboyant gay, which made him an easy target.

[42:20 ] Jaymes shares why he chose to interview people like his career path. He figures that if he is interested in knowing more about celebrities and influencer lives, then so are other people. He also acknowledges that watching other people's demise brings fear to heart but ultimately knows that the only way to move onward is by growing and remaining uncomfortable.

Connect with Jaymes:

- YouTube: Jaymes' Kickback

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Special Guest: Jaymes "The Face" Anthony

Special Guest: Jaymes "The Face" Anthony

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