DiscoverOn Second WatchSuper Mario Bros. (1993) - "Improbable, Unlikely, but never impossible"
Super Mario Bros. (1993) - "Improbable, Unlikely, but never impossible"

Super Mario Bros. (1993) - "Improbable, Unlikely, but never impossible"

Update: 2021-03-10


The idea of taking one of the best video games and video game characters from 16-bit to the big screen sounds like an easy way to make a lot of money. Obtain an incredible intellectual property with full creative control, assemble an incredible cast, toss in $48mil, what could go wrong? Let us count the ways...

I do promise that you will laugh more listening to this episode than you would have watching 1993's adventure comedy film Super Mario Bros. Our Plot Summary Mad Libs is straight up offensive and I almost feel like I owe Kari and apology. Almost.

Most importantly though, watching this film was worth it because we, with the help of all of YOU, raised over $900 for the children at CS Mott Children's Hospital! I cannot wait to bring all these great gifts to the kids there and I will be documenting the fun on our Ko-fi page and on Twitter


Movie Details
Directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel and Screenplay by Parker Bennett, Terry Runte, and the great Ed Solomon. Starring an incredible cast of Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper, John Leguizamo, Fisher Stevens, and Fiona Shaw.

Budget of $48mil, made roughly $20mil in the box office
Currently a 4.1 on IMDb


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Super Mario Bros. (1993) - "Improbable, Unlikely, but never impossible"

Super Mario Bros. (1993) - "Improbable, Unlikely, but never impossible"

Tim, Chris, Dana, Kari, Nikki, and Spaz