DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademySusan Gold ”Wake Up Little Susie” Trauma through a child’s eyes.
Susan Gold ”Wake Up Little Susie” Trauma through a child’s eyes.

Susan Gold ”Wake Up Little Susie” Trauma through a child’s eyes.

Update: 2023-01-30


Welcome to episode 78 of the Tragedy Academy, where we explore the stories of those who have overcome great struggles and come out on top. This week, Jay sits down with Susan Gold, a woman who has turned her own personal tragedy into a successful career as a producer and talent broker. Susan shares her inspiring journey of using her ability to discern where people are best applied, honed from her own trauma, to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry while offering actionable advice for listeners looking to improve their mental well-being. She shares how life in Montana as a coach now helps her remain at peace.

But don't let the heavy topic fool you; this episode is filled with laughter and moments of levity as Susan and Jay bond over their shared love of overcoming adversity. Tune in for a truly uplifting and entertaining conversation on the Tragedy Academy.

About Susan:

Susan Gold is a talent broker and producer whose career in entertainment has been a testament to her ability to overcome adversity. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Susan faced childhood trauma. She turned to athletics as a way to cope, becoming a nationally ranked Masters Swimmer and finishing third in her age group at the challenging Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. However, after relocating to New York City and finding success in the cutthroat world of talent representation, Susan struggled with alcoholism. But with the help of therapy and support, she overcame her addiction and used her gifts of discernment and drive to form her own talent brokerage firm, Celebrity Talent. From there, she produced high-profile events and television segments and became a sought-after advisor for brands looking to leverage media placement and celebrity attachment. Join us as we talk to Susan about her journey and how she's used her experiences to help others in the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways:

[12:30 ] Susan shares her story of overcoming trauma and how it led to her success in talent management.

[22:00 ] Susan and Jay discuss the importance of discernment in the entertainment industry and how it can lead to successful partnerships.

[30:00 ] Susan shares a hilarious anecdote about a time she convinced Andy Warhol to do a TV commercial.

[42:00 ] Jay and Susan discuss the importance of resilience in facing rejection and failure in the entertainment industry.

[52:00 ] Susan offers actionable advice on navigating the entertainment industry and making connections that lead to success.


"Trauma doesn't define us, but it does shape us." - Susan Gold

"Self-compassion is the foundation for healing." - Susan Gold

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Twitter: Susan Gold (@sgoldconsulting) / Twitter - @sgoldconsulting

Instagram: Susan Gold (@susangoldismagical) • Instagram photos and videos - @susangoldismagical

Facebook: Susan Gold | Facebook

Linkedin: Susan Gold - Executive - SGC, LLC | LinkedIn

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Susan Gold ”Wake Up Little Susie” Trauma through a child’s eyes.

Susan Gold ”Wake Up Little Susie” Trauma through a child’s eyes.

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