DiscoverToddlers Made Easy with Dr CathrynSwearing: What to do When Your Toddler Says the F-word
Swearing: What to do When Your Toddler Says the F-word

Swearing: What to do When Your Toddler Says the F-word

Update: 2023-03-291


All kids curse at some point! (Even though they most likely don’t understand what they are saying.)

Last week, Jillian wrote in asking for help. Her three-year-old daughter discovered the f-word, and Jillian has no idea where she learned it because they don’t swear at home. When it happened, everyone was shocked, so they burst out laughing. Now, Jillian wishes they had not responded that way because wherever they go, her daughter keeps using the f-word.

Toddlers love to feel powerful! They are still trying to understand how things work in the world and often experiment with language when learning how to express themselves. Swearing is one of the ways they do that while also trying to assert their independence.

In this episode, I dive into how to manage things when your toddler starts saying the f-word. I get into why kids swear and explain things from the bigger-picture perspective. Stay tuned to learn how to cope and what to do when your little one uses foul language.

Show highlights:

  • Why do kids swear?
  • How to consider the problem from the child’s perspective.
  • How toddlers test their boundaries by using curse words.
  • What should you do when your child uses the f-word?
  • The benefits of pausing before responding.
  • How to acknowledge your toddler’s feelings.
  • How to reshape your toddler’s language toward more positive, respectful, and appropriate words.
  • What you can do proactively to avoid your toddler using swear words.

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Swearing: What to do When Your Toddler Says the F-word

Swearing: What to do When Your Toddler Says the F-word

Dr. Cathryn