DiscoverTortoise InvestigatesSweet Bobby - Episode 5: (In)justice
Sweet Bobby - Episode 5: (In)justice

Sweet Bobby - Episode 5: (In)justice

Update: 2021-11-2541


After the confession, Kirat goes to the police. But their reaction to her case isn’t what she’s expecting. Plus: Alexi tries a new approach with the catfisher...

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Neatz Davis

Considering the way she didn't "just" catfish, she did it violently, she was abusive, controlling and went so far as to be in a sexual relationship that wasn't informed in anyway with the truth, that's sexual assault, if not rape. Someone who's capable of doing this and watching her own "work" in real time is so fucking out there that her getting lawyers to further intimidate and to take the control of the narrative, despite the truth, away and instead fabricate even more of a "story" makes perfect sense. She is such a harmful fucked up woman who needs to be charged and I really hope that's where this goes. She needs to be punished. She took years off her cousin, she deserves to also lose years.

Dec 17th
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Sweet Bobby - Episode 5: (In)justice

Sweet Bobby - Episode 5: (In)justice