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Sweet Bobby - Episode 6: Motive

Sweet Bobby - Episode 6: Motive

Update: 2021-12-0251


In the final episode of Sweet Bobby, Kirat’s case against the catfisher takes an unexpected turn. As Alexi is putting the finishing touches to the series, he gets a phone call that changes everything.

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Comments (40)

Irene Jane

Thank you for the article! I have studied about similar subjects! Unlike other submissions, however, I have a very unique impression of yours. I hope you will continue to share articles of this caliber with the public.

Aug 8th

Brightly Lightly

simiron is weird. without a doubt. she wants to be best. the most etc., those fake holidays etc, she was caught. she is definitely mentally ill. how the hell did she find fins time for this shit? and to rise high at her job. but how could you even want to be with somone you havent seen and who seems half friggin dead. good god what a mess

Mar 3rd

Emma M.

LOTS of victim blaming comments, and some of you need to re-evaluate, but her dads response is shocking, and I would feel very sick to my stomach if my dad said that after reading the apology letter. he is upset because of the rift in the family, not because what happened to her. and who cares if simrans family are decent people, simran is a psychopath.

Feb 24th
Reply (12)

Kevin Murray

Kirat is as much to blame as do you have countless Skype calls with someone who doesn't turn the camera on... isn't that the whole point of a Skype call? I can see why the police department did nothing is a civil matter not a criminal matter....Kirat made hundreds of decisions here that propagated these events...this is clear a case of it takes two to tango... and what about her friends and family!!!! No one ever felt the need to step up and say Kirat your getting played here!!!! Good Lord!

Feb 22nd
Reply (1)

Melanie Marie-Jahnke Manning

I can't believe her dad says, "it shouldn't have happened." why use the passive voice? Cimaron (sorry no idea spelling), shouldn't have done it.

Jan 16th

Gordon Muldrow

OK, it's hard to have an sympathy for Kirat because there were COUNTLESS red flags. If this was in the 1980s, maybe it's understandable...but it was like 2014 when catfishing had become mainstream. It's hard to believe she didn't have ANY friends who say, "Ummmm, girl you should watch this movie/show called Catfish". At no point in time over a DECADE did she ever want to video chat...ughhhh.. Then she had the nerve to bold face say "I'm not gullible".....

Dec 9th
Reply (10)


I still don't understand how it was possible to have a Skype call and not realizing you're talking to a girl, not a man? have I missed something in the story???

Dec 3rd
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Sweet Bobby - Episode 6: Motive

Sweet Bobby - Episode 6: Motive