DiscoverTravis Makes FriendsTORI GORDON | Dreaming Big and Avoiding Self-Sabotage
TORI GORDON | Dreaming Big and Avoiding Self-Sabotage

TORI GORDON | Dreaming Big and Avoiding Self-Sabotage

Update: 2023-05-22


Tori Gordon (@thetorigordon) is a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, peak performance coach, and award-winning content creator. She is the founder of Coachable LLC, a company that helps people achieve success and fulfillment through engaging content, seminars, and coaching programs.

Tori has been featured on major media outlets, including NBC, CBS, and Fox News. Her popular podcast, The Coachable Podcast, has been named one of the top five podcasts to get you through COVID-19. She is also an award-winning mental health influencer and a brand ambassador for international brands such as Nature Made, Better Health, Organify, and Natural Cycles.

In 2022, Yahoo News named Tori as one of the top 10 mindset coaches in the United States. She is now a highly sought-after speaker, and has been hired by organizations such as the United Nations to share her insights on personal development and mental health.

What Travis and Tori Discussed:

  • How Tori’s competitive nature and desire to be in control shaped her into a successful leader, and how she learned to delegate and trust her team to avoid burnout.

  • When alleviating tension and overcoming challenges, it is important to engage in practices that bring one back to the present moment, maintain a long-term perspective, and embrace the obstacles as stepping stones towards personal growth and success.

  • The importance of identifying the root cause of stress and how aligning one's skills and responsibilities can help alleviate pressure and tension, often requiring the humility to recognize areas of weakness and make strategic hires to delegate tasks and focus on one's unique strengths.

  • Taking action and applying acquired knowledge is crucial for personal growth and success, as consuming information without implementation leads to stagnation and lack of progress.

  • How Tori turned her podcast into a profitable business, and how she initially focused on offering one-on-one and group coaching services, and later expanded to brand partnerships, retreats, affiliates, and strategic business decisions, while being open to new opportunities aligned with her long-term goals.

Tune in to this episode as Tori Gordon shares her insights on leadership, overcoming challenges, stress management, and turning a podcast into a profitable business. Learn valuable strategies for personal growth and success, and discover how Tori navigated her journey to becoming a sought-after speaker and influential coach. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation with Tori!

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TORI GORDON | Dreaming Big and Avoiding Self-Sabotage

TORI GORDON | Dreaming Big and Avoiding Self-Sabotage

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