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Talking Dad Life with The Physician on Fire

Talking Dad Life with The Physician on Fire

Update: 2021-08-25


Have you ever thought about retiring early from medicine to be able to spend more time with you family and your kids?  Do you ever wonder what that might look like?  

In today's episode I get to talk with Dr Leif Dahleen,  You may know him better as The Physician on Fire.   We discuss dad life, how his dad influenced his take on parenting, and what being financially independent and retiring early did for him and his family. 

Leif Dahleen retired from medicine at the age of 43, having achieved financial independence several years earlier. He started Physician on FIRE to enlighten, educate, and entertain other high-income professionals while discussing money matters of all sorts.

He is happily married with two children. They call northern Michigan their home base and look forward to returning to more family travel as the world begins to open up.

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Talking Dad Life with The Physician on Fire

Talking Dad Life with The Physician on Fire

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