Discover"See, The Thing Is..."Talking To Myself Ft. Rosy
Talking To Myself Ft. Rosy

Talking To Myself Ft. Rosy

Update: 2023-08-29


This week, your favorite aunties Bridget Kelly and Mandii B are joined by Rosy ⅓ of the Say Less Podcast for some grown, honest, and slightly toxic conversations. 

The ladies talk about:

- Sound-induced memory retrieval

- Docuseries about successful women dating homeless men

- Prioritizing romantic relationships over friendships

- Importance of partners being friends with the speaker's friends

- Lies men tell amongst themselves

- Responding to messages in a timely manner (professional and platonic) and their impact on high-anxiety people

- Change in access to music videos and their recent popularity/resurgence

- Current trend prioritizing trending videos over quality

- Stability and establishing oneself before entering into a relationships

- Need for stability in our own lives before offering it to others

- Pursuing situations that deplete us is not ideal

- Being drained in a relationship without stability

 - The extreme example of homelessness mentioned

- Dating dynamics and relationship complexities

- First date etiquette & expectations

- Nurturing friendships and seeking fulfillment

- Maintaining friendships in different relationship stages while acknowledging that priorities may shift, but friendships are still possible

- Single women and coupled women relationships


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Talking To Myself Ft. Rosy

Talking To Myself Ft. Rosy