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Tamra Keepness

Tamra Keepness

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The circumstances surrounding the 2004 disappearance of 5-year-old Tamra Keepness are extremely mysterious. Tamra disappeared from her home in Saskatchewan, Canada, while her three siblings and two half-siblings were in the house. The timing of events has been debated based on the facts that various people in Tamra's life have given.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the disappearance of Tamra Keepness. Tamra's mother Lorena, Lorena's boyfriend Dean, and a man named Russell Sheepskin, who was living at the home, all have their accounts of the events of that night. All three had been drinking, and for a period of time, the children were alone in the home. Despite a massive search, no evidence of what happened to her has been uncovered. This is a case that, as many do, comes down to who you believe and the plausibility of certain statements that have been made by the people involved in Tamra's life.

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Comments (3)

Brandy E

If she stopped to check on them, why didn't she leave a note with the number instead of calling and waking them up?

Aug 15th

Brenda Stanek

Saskatchewan is far from being the 'most populated province in Canada'. In fact, it's probably the most sparsely populated.

Jul 30th


this case could be compared more with the case of Nicole Morin than with the case of Asha Degree. it is also possibly more comparable to the case of Christine Jessop. In my opinion the stronger similar risk to these girls was dangerous scummy neighbors, and Tamra, being poor, living in a rough neighborhood, and surrounded by drug addled adults, would have statistically been more vulnerable to this particular danger even than Nicole Morin or Christine Jessop.

Jul 25th
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Tamra Keepness

Tamra Keepness

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