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The Bones of the Hand & Wrist In 2 Minutes (With Fractures)

The Bones of the Hand & Wrist In 2 Minutes (With Fractures)

Update: 2023-05-23


"...tricky to remember but this pneumonic will help you remember not only the names but also their positions the rest is made up of eight bones roughly in two rows of four the pneumonic starts as some lovers try positions s is for the scaphoid L flew name T4 triquetrum and P Pi is a form to remember the position you can use the letter P because the Paisa form is on the same side as the pinky the scaphoid and the lunate articulate with the and the radius is always on the same side as the thumb the second half of the pneumonic is that they can't handle which is for the trapezium trapezoid capitate and hamate the scaphoid is the most commonly injured bone of the wrist usually from a fall onto an outstretched hand and it is associated with pain in the anatomical snuffbox and with axial pressure applied on the thumb it is also famous for having a risk of a vast necrosis because it has a retrograde blood supply meaning blood flow from its distal end towards its proximal end this is mostly from the dorsal branch of the radial artery if the scaphoid is fractured blood might not be able to reach the proximal end giving avascular necrosis of the proximal part of the scaphoid at the metacarpals numbered 1 to 5 from the thumb which is easy to remember because each hand only has one thumb a famous fracture of the metacarpal is the boxer's fracture which is on the fifth metacarpal after striking with a closed fist this can lead to misalignment of the knuckle as the metacarpal makes up the now you then have the phalanges there are three in each finger called the proximal middle and distal phalange but only two in the thumb the proximal and distal phalanges we take this few seconds off to inform you are valued loyal listener about the best health and fitness podcast shows from the nest Studios join us as we give you the best of the best health and wellness updates you can rely on for the treatment of chronic health problems classic functional medicine Back to Basics health tips and special best doctors in the United States of America check out this health and wellness podcast shows explore Health talk weekly healthy lifestyle matters excellent Health digest healthy and free and last but not least weekly health and fitness Corner also check out nasty Boise see the truest story never told Fiction podcast for that real-life on the..."

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The Bones of the Hand & Wrist In 2 Minutes (With Fractures)

The Bones of the Hand & Wrist In 2 Minutes (With Fractures)