DiscoverPlaymakers: On PurposeThe Champion of Change (ft. Cassandra Worthy, Speaker, Author, Change Enthusiast)
The Champion of Change (ft. Cassandra Worthy, Speaker, Author, Change Enthusiast)

The Champion of Change (ft. Cassandra Worthy, Speaker, Author, Change Enthusiast)

Update: 2022-10-05


The Champion of Change (ft. Cassandra Worthy, Speaker, Author, Change Enthusiast)

Rethinking change and upheaval through the eyes of a Change Enthusiast


"Whoa, change just hit. I'm feeling anxious, but that's got to mean good is in store. I'm in an opportunity. How am I going to choose to show up?" And then you start to transform that energetic signature and feel more of that excitement and enthusiasm.”

—Cassandra Worthy


Cassandra Worthy exploded onto the speaking scene in 2018 and is already seeing fees and volume that make even the most seasoned industry veterans blush. Her client list includes Procter & Gamble, Allstate, Johnson & Johnson, and WeWork. Before that, she spent 15 years in corporate America and began as a chemical engineer. Today, the only label that really fits the bill for Cassandra is change enthusiast.

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[3:05 ] - What is Change Enthusiasm?

Going beyond growth mindsets

Cassandra has applied a pragmatic, structured engineering approach to creating a step-by-step practice for having a growth mindset and seeing change as an opportunity. It’s a three-step process that includes the Signal, the Opportunity, and the Choice.

[3:40 ] - The Signal, The Opportunity, and The Choice

Cassandra’s formula for Change Enthusiasm

The Signal represents the difficult emotions we face when going through change, such as frustration, anxiety, and fear. The first step is acknowledging those emotions and allowing them to exist, trusting them as gifts, and letting them invite you into an opportunity to grow. That’s the Opportunity— how can you grow in this moment? The third and final step is the Choice. It’s when you decide, What am I going to do to step up? It gives us power when facing uncertainty.

[12:30 ] - Keep a Compliment Journal

Let it guide your direction

Unsure of where your strengths and passions lie? Cassandra was, too. Then she began jotting down the compliments she received about herself. Pretty quickly, she began to get a clear picture of where her true strengths might be. She began pursuing these potential passions and whittled down her direction from there.

[33:00 ] - Be an Emotional Contagion

Spread a virus worth spreading

Cassandra writes about what she calls Emotional Contagion— the way we can literally catch the emotional energy of those around us. That’s why it’s so important that we take responsibility for that energetic signature that we bring into every room. Be your full authentic self, but recognize what you bring to the space.

[44:41 ] - Turning the Spotlight on Quiet Quitting

Cassandra’s guidance for leadership

Don’t diminish negative emotions felt by your people. Acknowledge them and create productive avenues for them to flow. Meanwhile, be aware of change fatigue. Many fast-growing companies are in such constant flux— within a world that’s perpetually in flux itself— that people often find themselves simply worn out. Be aware of this, and find ways to re-engage with change in a positive way.


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The Champion of Change (ft. Cassandra Worthy, Speaker, Author, Change Enthusiast)

The Champion of Change (ft. Cassandra Worthy, Speaker, Author, Change Enthusiast)

Cassandra Worthy, Detroit Podcast Studios, Connor Trombley, Paul Epstein