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The Content Is The Trap

The Content Is The Trap

Update: 2023-05-24


Welcome to an exciting episode of The Cheat Code Podcast, where we delve into the world of music and digital media. In Episode 61, titled "The Content Is The Trap," our hosts offer valuable insights that will revolutionize your approach to the industry.

Wendy Day begins by sharing her experiences at the music biz music conference, which was full of surprises, including hats, shirts, and other exciting gifts. The hosts discuss the importance of effective email management and share their favorite apps and programs for tracking emails. They emphasize the crucial role of staying organized and responsive in the fast-paced music industry.

The episode explores the significance of the music community and being a productive member of it. Our hosts shed light on strategies to foster meaningful connections and collaborations and recognize ground-level connections as the key to sustainable growth.

The conversation expands to the changing landscape of social media platforms and how to leverage them to connect with the right audience. The hosts also provide solid advice on how managers in their 40s can remain eager to learn, centered, and honestly navigate the industry.

In this episode, we'll empower you to do more of what works and less of what doesn't. Get ready to unlock the cheat code to succeed in the music industry! Stay tuned for Episode 61 of The Cheat Code Podcast as we guide you toward achieving your goals.

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The Content Is The Trap

The Content Is The Trap

Wendy Day, Ferrari Simmons, Rapjuggernaut