The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes

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In the late 19th century, a painting titled The Roll Call, by a virtually unknown artist, took England by storm. But after that brilliant first effort, the artist all but disappeared. Why? And what does The Roll Call tell us about the fate of those first through the door?

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Comments (25)

Abdullah ÖZDEMİR


Aug 3rd


I got so many chills listening to Julia's speech made directly into the face of a personal aggressor. Amazing. Also hearing the true recording of her, instead of quotes read by a narrator, makes all the difference. I can't wait to see what other amazing stories this podcast has in store!! Thank you for this podcast!!!

Jan 16th

Megan Riley Ayres

I am loving this podcast. Great concept !

Aug 3rd
Reply (1)


I'm sure if a woman with some integrity and isn't completely corrupt ran for us president she might win. don't blame her losing on her gender it was her actions.

Jun 24th
Reply (5)

Kimberly Nicole

yes, Hillary Clinton.. the first woman to be so corrupt she love the presidency. 😂😂😂

Jun 12th
Reply (1)

Margaret Lewis

you neglect to mention New Zealand now onto its third female Prime Minister, (in historical order) - Dame Jenny Shipley - Dame Helen Clarke - Hnr Hacienda Ardern

May 13th

Thomas D Shaw

a couple of corrections, it wasn't a restaurant that had the offensive reference to Julia Gillard on the menu, it was at a Liberal party (Australia's conservative party) fundraiser. Also, Peter Slipper, the speaker who sent the sexist text messages, wasn't a member of Gillard's party, he was a Liberal MP amd was appointed speaker because numbers in the chamber were so tight that the government couldn't afford to lose a vote to the speakers chair. Worth getting these basic facts right in a history podcast.

Feb 28th

Casey Teschner

It's so amazing me to how such intelligent people let political bias completely steer their interpretations. Is he insinuating Hillary Clinton was held back in any way like the Elizabeth Thompson in 1879? How completely absurd. If any man on the right committed the crimes she did they'd be in prison. Gladwell also compares Rush Limbaugh to an Australian shockjock that made a disgusting remark regarding Gillards father's opinion of her after his death. He's obviously never even listened to Rush Limbaugh. Malcom, you have my respect as an author. But you are seriously blind to your leftism, as most leftists are. Revisionist history, as it turns out, is an apt title for this series as we've watched the left revise history to cover their corruption and causation of human suffering since it's inception. 1st and last episode for me. What a shame.

Dec 12th
Reply (4)

Walter Eldredge


Dec 7th

phil Shipley

This episode is my first and last. Sorry it's just overtly left.

Dec 7th

Dan M.

you can't take 2 very different things and call them the same because there is similarities. look at female painters and artist now they have every opportunity a man does, yeah it took a long time and people who got miss treated along the way but it did eventually change...the same will happen with politics as well

Oct 10th

Jerry Stauffer

what he describes used to be known as self righteousness. I'm against racial and gender quotas on principal. It's not a sign of progress.

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

Lee Laster

Israel also had a single female prime minister - Golda Meir

Jun 8th
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The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes

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