DiscoverMoms and Mysteries: A True Crime PodcastThe Murders of Marie Varsos and Debbie Sisco
The Murders of Marie Varsos and Debbie Sisco

The Murders of Marie Varsos and Debbie Sisco

Update: 2022-10-183


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we wanted to highlight a story that showed how much is still broken within the system, and what we can work to change. This week's story discusses the murder of a woman and her mother as she fought tooth and nail to get away from her abuser. 

Research by Haley Gray with Haley Gray Research. 

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You can find more information about the Family Safety Center at: 

If you aren’t in the Nashville area and need help finding a similar resource to the Family Safety Center, we can help you find those. You can also call the nationwide Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), you can chat at or you can text “START” to 88788. All three of these are 24/7, free, and confidential. There are many other resources on the Domestic Violence Hotline website. 

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The Murders of Marie Varsos and Debbie Sisco

The Murders of Marie Varsos and Debbie Sisco

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