DiscoverBurnt Toast by Virginia Sole-SmithThe Perfect Roast Chicken Does Not Exist.
The Perfect Roast Chicken Does Not Exist.

The Perfect Roast Chicken Does Not Exist.

Update: 2022-08-11


Today, Virginia is chatting with Julia Turshen. Julia is a New York Times best-selling cookbook author. Her latest book is Simply Julia, she writes a fantastic newsletter, and she’s the host and producer of the podcast, Keep Calm and Cook On. Julia lives in the Hudson Valley, with her spouse Grace and their pets. And she teaches live cooking classes every Sunday afternoon. Follow her on Instagram: @Turshen.

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Virginia and Julia talk about a presentation that Julia recently gave at the Culinary Institute of America about fatphobia and diet culture in the food industry.

Julia's Butter is the Body Liberation Hiking Club. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Virginia's Butter is cutting up the cheese before you serve it, the way Julia taught her.

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The Perfect Roast Chicken Does Not Exist.

The Perfect Roast Chicken Does Not Exist.

Virginia Sole-Smith and Julia Turshen