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The Pillowcase Rapist

The Pillowcase Rapist

Update: 2022-06-265


The Pillowcase Rapist was a moniker given to a man who committed over 40 violent assaults on the East coast of Florida from 1981 to 1986. This individual was extremely cunning and cautious and staked out apartments that were well hidden from view. He crept inside the residences of unsuspecting women, usually by climbing through open windows or simply opening sliding glass doors that had been left unlocked and would scale balconies to get to higher units. He usually attacked professional women in upper-middle-class apartment complexes. 

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the case of the pillowcase rapist. In many ways, his crimes show many parallels to the crimes of The East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo. Both men were good at avoiding the law. The police had trouble finding out who The Pillowcase Rapist was. Thankfully, a crime scene technician did an excellent job preserving some evidence in the days before DNA was used. In 2020, a DNA link was made to a man named Robert Eugene Koehler and he was arrested as The Pillowcase Rapist. He has not yet faced a jury of his peers but, the authorities seem pretty confident in the evidence they have against him.

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The Pillowcase Rapist

The Pillowcase Rapist

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