DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademyThe Power of Vulnerability: Zain of Aftersound Gets Real About Making Music
The Power of Vulnerability: Zain of Aftersound Gets Real About Making Music

The Power of Vulnerability: Zain of Aftersound Gets Real About Making Music

Update: 2021-09-13



In today's episode of The Tragedy Academy, Jay welcomes singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Zain of Aftersound. Zain gives us a peek into the mind of a musician and shares his perspective behind the music he creates. We learn of the possibilities that lie behind your hesitation and the rewards that come with it.

Key Points:

πŸŽ™Podcast: Coffee with Aftersound

🎡 What is music?

πŸ“± Good vs. bad parts of social media

πŸ˜” Why do sad songs resonate with you?

😎 Summer Nights

🎀 Discovering singing

πŸ™ˆ Escapism

Episode Highlights:

[02:24 ] Zain dives into his love for music and podcasting. He shares his admiration for Jay's work with Tragedy Academy and wishes to aim for a similar structure. Zain also expresses his passion for music and reveals that what makes him a great creator is being vulnerable to strangers.

[09:00 ] Zain dissects what music is and the power it holds. He gives the example of classical music, that how even though there are no lyrics in the music, people were still able to connect with it on a mutual level. Essentially, the reason he got into music is that it is a universal language. Additionally, Zain and Jay agree on how exciting it feels when someone reaches out when they've listened to your content.

[13:28 ] Zain shares his motivation behind creating sad/love songs. He acknowledges the visceral feeling that comes with painful emotions and how we as a human race tend to focus on the negative and wallow in it. Congruently, he expresses his joy in connecting with people by channeling his emotions through the lyrics he writes, either for himself or for other people. It also helps him understand others' perspectives.

[21:17 ] Zain tells the origin story of how he got into singing. It started with him and three other roommates in college pitching in to purchase a Grand Band Console. Originally, Zain wanted to play the drums but relented being the singer, which was a blessing in disguise. As Zain continued to get compliments on his voice, he began to take singing more seriously, which led him to invest in audio equipment and do covers.

[32:32 ] Zain and Jay dive deep into the Escapism that comes with tv and social media. They express how it's mostly a façade and serves as a pseudo entry into meditation. Although most people do not like to sit with their thoughts, it eventually always comes to a head.

[41:03 ] Zain and Jay agree on the collective creative movement that has happened during the pandemic. For the most part, people went one of two ways, they either jumped back into the repetitive cycle or explored their creative endeavors. Zain gives the example of older people on TikTok participating in the challenges, expressing themselves in a way they could not before.

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The Power of Vulnerability: Zain of Aftersound Gets Real About Making Music

The Power of Vulnerability: Zain of Aftersound Gets Real About Making Music

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