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The Price We Pay the Legal System

The Price We Pay the Legal System

Update: 2022-11-11


Imagine getting pulled over because your car’s tail light is out or your window tint is too dark. For millions of people each year, the price of one traffic ticket creates a never-ending cycle of punishment and poverty, keeping adults and juveniles tethered to the U.S. criminal justice system through predatory fines. V sits down with Miranda Sheffield and Joanna Weiss, two advocates who work directly with impacted communities to eliminate the fines and fees associated with the legal system. Ranging from license suspensions to the loss of voting rights, there are many ways people are punished for not paying off minor offenses, and these experts discuss what can be done to stop it.

To get involved in Miranda and Joanna's work, follow the National Center for Youth Law @NYCLnews and the Fines and Fees Justice Center @FinesandFeesJC on Twitter.

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The Price We Pay the Legal System

The Price We Pay the Legal System

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