The Resource War

The Resource War

Update: 2022-11-03


With its glut of resources and natural gas, cheap Russian energy has long been a lifeline for nations across the globe looking to give their citizens access to affordable fuel. But with the war in Ukraine breaking down relationships between Russia and the West, what will happen when the taps are turned off? And with simultaneous issues arising with disruptions to Ukraine’s agricultural centres, the global situation has become even more fraught. So how can Ukraine, and indeed the world, overcome these challenges?

In this episode, we speak to Helen Thompson, professor of political economy at the University of Cambridge, to explore the wide-reaching implications of the war in Ukraine on energy, food security and more. Nastya also speaks with her colleague at the Kyiv Independent, Alexander Query, about the recent alleged sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines and their implications on the global energy crisis.

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The Resource War

The Resource War

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