DiscoverLaw of Attraction SECRETSThe SECRETS Behind "The Secret" With Rhonda Byrne
The SECRETS Behind "The Secret" With Rhonda Byrne

The SECRETS Behind "The Secret" With Rhonda Byrne

Update: 2023-04-201


It's normal to have positive and negative thoughts. But which thought will you choose to believe?

I am SO excited to have Rhonda Byrne, the creator and author of "The Secret," on the podcast today. Reading her book 15 years ago was a pivotal moment in my life, and I genuinely believe that this episode has the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOO!

Rhonda is an extraordinary human being, and I can't wait for her to share her wisdom with us. During the episode, Rhonda will provide insights into her backstory and offer a deeper understanding of how to overcome challenges. She'll also provide tips on finding joy and share her expertise on manifesting your goals faster. And, of course, we'll dive into a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Rhonda's work has ignited a global movement, and she's authored six additional books in The Secret book series. Her expertise has helped countless people transform their lives, and I do not doubt that this episode will be equally transformative.

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Hey friend! This is Natasha :) If you got any value from today’s podcast please tag me on Instagram as I would love to thank you personally!









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The SECRETS Behind "The Secret" With Rhonda Byrne

The SECRETS Behind "The Secret" With Rhonda Byrne

Natasha Graziano