DiscoverV Interesting with V SpeharThe Truth About Joining The Military
The Truth About Joining The Military

The Truth About Joining The Military

Update: 2022-07-01


For many young people, especially after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, joining the military isn't necessarily top of mind when they consider their future. This week, V is interested in learning about what factors drive people to enter the military today and why modern recruitment efforts look nothing like the patriotic messaging used in the past. Marine veteran Nicholas Miranowski and Navy Lieutenant Alexis Travis tell V about the unique paths people can pursue that don't include fighting on the frontlines. We'll hear about their journeys of why they became service members and how we can make sure the system is continuing to take care of the people who serve this country.


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Tam Kearney

I felt more camaraderie with my #navyengineers than I did my fellow #navyyeoman on my ship. I was the engineering yeoman on my ship and gained 250+ brothers in a single day. I've been out since March 2007, having joined shortly after 9/11. Joining the military has been a family tradition for generations, dating back to the Revolutionary War. #navyveteran #vinterestingpodcast

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The Truth About Joining The Military

The Truth About Joining The Military

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