DiscoverLenny's Podcast: Product | Growth | CareerThe ultimate guide to JTBD | Bob Moesta (co-creator of the framework)
The ultimate guide to JTBD | Bob Moesta (co-creator of the framework)

The ultimate guide to JTBD | Bob Moesta (co-creator of the framework)

Update: 2023-08-243


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Bob Moesta is the co-creator of the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework, a close collaborator of Clay Christensen, and CEO and founder of The Re-Wired Group. He has helped launch more than 3,500 new products, services, and businesses and built and sold several startups himself. He is also a fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute and a guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Entrepreneurship, and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. In this episode, we discuss:

• What Snickers and Milky Way can teach us about JTBD

• The various flavors of the JTBD framework

• Best practices for implementing the framework

• Advice on conducting interviews for B2B vs. B2C customers

• Common mistakes people make when implementing JTBD

• When not to use it

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:00 ) Bob’s background

(04:04 ) A simple explanation of the Jobs To Be Done framework

(07:29 ) Struggling moments and demand

(09:51 ) Understanding the context behind pain points

(11:14 ) Reducing friction in the sales process

(14:46 ) How Autobooks improved their buying process and 4x’ed conversion

(16:52 ) The six phases of the buying process

(18:30 ) The JTBD interview process

(21:55 ) How Bob’s TBI affected his reading/writing and how he is able to write books

(22:02 ) Why people switch companies

(27:18 ) Tips for JTBD interviewing

(30:07 ) Why you should not have a discussion guide

(32:48 ) The danger of looking at the customer through the product

(33:53 ) First steps in applying the JTBD framework

(36:25 ) Signs people are ready for a change

(37:43 ) Bob’s “layers of language”

(40:15 ) Examples of companies with a broad adoption of JTBD

(43:59 ) The different flavors of JTBD and common mistakes to avoid when implementing it

(48:19 ) Bob’s work with Clay Christensen on JTBD theory

(51:05 ) When not to use JTBD

(53:40 ) Common misconceptions about the framework

(55:55 ) What compelled Bob to spend so much of his life on JTBD

(58:07 ) Three big takeaways

(59:07 ) Lightning round


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The ultimate guide to JTBD | Bob Moesta (co-creator of the framework)

The ultimate guide to JTBD | Bob Moesta (co-creator of the framework)

Lenny Rachitsky