DiscoverGood Life ProjectTiffani R. Moore | Living & Flourishing With Chronic Illness
Tiffani R. Moore | Living & Flourishing With Chronic Illness

Tiffani R. Moore | Living & Flourishing With Chronic Illness

Update: 2022-07-252


Imagine, after years of living on your own, building a 15-year career an award-winning career as a Creative Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist, and essentially checking all the success boxes, a chronic illness drops into your body, leading you back to your hometown to move in with your parents as you work to rehabilitate and heal, and try to not just reclaim, but reimagine your life.

Today's guest, Tiffani Moore, knows exactly what it's like to be in this scenario—forced to listen to her body's need for recovery and support after she found out she had Lupus. Tiffani is the Founder and Owner of Moore WellBeings, in addition to being an Intuitive Healer & Coach, Reiki Master, yoga instructor, BreathWork, and MNDFL certified Meditation Facilitator. Before making her mark in the world of wellness, she spent 15+ years building a career as a successful, sought-after stylist and Creative Consultant. 

But her lupus diagnosis, and the physical and psychological devastation that led up to it, changed everything. Seeking less conventional solutions, she followed her intuition and began to study the power of alternative therapies, including meditation, yoga, herbal medicine, and many of the healing practices she utilizes with clients now. Recovering her wellbeing has been a years-long, painstaking process, fueled by intensive learning, and eventually, a drive to train in and share the many modalities she’d discovered, while also creating a safe, nonjudgmental and well-informed space for marginalized communities to explore holistic wellness. 

In this conversation with Tiffani today, you'll hear us explore the harsh realities of living with a chronic illness, like feeling like a burden to loved ones or the struggle to balance rest and recovery with the need to work to survive. We talk about intuition and its role in healing, wellness, and self-expression and how it could benefit us to rethink wellness not as a luxury but instead as a birthright or something we all deserve and can access.

You can find Tiffani at: Website | Instagram

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Tiffani R. Moore | Living & Flourishing With Chronic Illness

Tiffani R. Moore | Living & Flourishing With Chronic Illness