DiscoverVulnerable with Christy Carlson RomanoTikTok Icon Drew Afualo Gets Vulnerable
TikTok Icon Drew Afualo Gets Vulnerable

TikTok Icon Drew Afualo Gets Vulnerable

Update: 2022-11-08


Today my guest is the QUEEN of roasting on TikTok, the icon herself, Drew Afualo.

In this episode, Drew shares with me her journey to becoming one of the most loved and hated people on TikTok. FYI - I LOVE HER (#TeamDrew). From getting her dream job at the NFL to being fired because she couldn't "build a following" to creating her TikTok account in the early pandemic, in these past few years, Drew has completely transformed her career. Today she spends her time calling out misogyny, patriarchy, bigots, and racists. She advocates for women, femmes, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color and other marginalized groups with witty honesty, humor, and her iconic laugh. She speaks truths that a lot of people react to.

Drew opens up about her support system, how she stays grounded and navigates the vitriol that is piled upon her. Despite the heavy load of hate that is thrown her way, Drew's healthy boundaries, self-awareness and confidence keep her motivated to advocate and speak truth to oppressive systems and people. Drew continues to create her own path to fulfill her dreams. She is hosting two podcasts, collaborating with CHNGE on a capsule collection, hosting on red carpets, and more.

We celebrate Drew for the content she creates, her advocacy, and holding bigots and racists accountable. We're here to support her journey and can't wait to see all the places she goes to in her career.

You can follow Drew @drewafualo on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. Her podcast Two Idiot Girls is going on tour. Get tickets here.

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TikTok Icon Drew Afualo Gets Vulnerable

TikTok Icon Drew Afualo Gets Vulnerable