Trace, Tattoos and Angel Wings

Trace, Tattoos and Angel Wings

Update: 2021-10-211


This week, Tish and Brandi are joined by a very special guest - Trace Cyrus!

Tish can't get enough of Trace’s girlfriend, Tay! She just graduated from beauty school, and you better believe Tish is going to Tay from now on for her hair extensions (do you know how expensive they are these days?!). Tish's favorite thing about Tay, however, is her attitude - her enthusiasm is contagious.

In this week's Dear MT, Trace opens up about his tattoo journey. We learn that Tish brought Trace to get his first tattoo the day after his 18th birthday. However, tattoos are addicting, and once Trace got one, he kept getting more and more done on his own, and Tish was furious! Especially his face tattoos - she absolutely freaked out! It took her years to get used to Trace's tattoos, but now she's obsessed with them!

Trace explains how his tattoos effect his entire life. People stare at him everywhere he goes, and he's even pulled over by the cops more frequently because of the way he looks. Trace admits that he tries to be extremely nice and outgoing because it's so easy for people to jump to conclusions and assume he's a bad guy. One of the main reasons Trace decided to live in downtown Nashville is because people aren't as afraid of him and don't give him dirty looks. As hurtful as all of this is, Trace doesn't regret any of his tattoos. In fact, he's planning to fill the few remaining empty spaces on his body with a few more tattoos soon.

Tish confesses how she despises the angel wings that cover her back. However, her trainer, Tashe, saw them for the first time recently and thinks they're badass! They're Tish's armor! The moral of the story, Stoners, is don't listen to what other people think or say! You do you. It's easier said than done, but a little weed can help get ya there!

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Trace, Tattoos and Angel Wings

Trace, Tattoos and Angel Wings

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