DiscoverIn the Bubble with Andy SlavittTrump’s Next Move (with Maggie Haberman)
Trump’s Next Move (with Maggie Haberman)

Trump’s Next Move (with Maggie Haberman)

Update: 2022-11-142


Trump is expected to formally announce his run for president any day now. His reputation was tarnished after the predicted red wave in the midterms didn’t surface, but as New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reminds guest host Gloria Riviera in this episode, Trump has survived political vulnerability many times before. Maggie talks about who is taking a step back from Trump after the midterms, who’s still supporting him, and those who are walking a very fine line. Plus, she shares an anecdote that she left out of her new book.

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Trump’s Next Move (with Maggie Haberman)

Trump’s Next Move (with Maggie Haberman)

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