DiscoverAubrey Marcus PodcastUniting The States of Polarity w/ Del Bigtree # 420
Uniting The States of Polarity w/ Del Bigtree # 420

Uniting The States of Polarity w/ Del Bigtree # 420

Update: 2023-07-061


This is BY FAR the most INSPIRING podcast I’ve ever recorded.

Because in this conversation with Del Bigtree, we talk about what is really at stake in the election for our next president. Some would say, everything. In this conversation we talk about the current state of the political, social, and environmental landscape to share both the urgency of the situation and our faith in the solutions.

We both believe Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is our best chance at mending the wounds in our culture, and co-creating the future that would make us proud when our grandchildren read the history books. 

More on Del Bigtree: After achieving success as an Emmy-winning producer on the CBS talk show The Doctors, his life took a significant turn with the production of the groundbreaking documentary VAXXED. This documentary is widely recognized for sparking a global movement against the dominance of pharmaceutical companies.

Presently, Del's internet talk show, The HighWire, has rapidly gained popularity, becoming the fastest-growing program in the Natural Health field. Del also leads the non-profit organization, spearheading worldwide investigations into fraudulent practices related to drugs and vaccines.

However, Del's most notable attribute lies in his compelling speeches, which combine shocking truths, sharp wit, and fervent passion to create an electrifying and unforgettable experience.

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Uniting The States of Polarity w/ Del Bigtree # 420

Uniting The States of Polarity w/ Del Bigtree # 420

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