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V Gets Ghosted with Jamie Loftus

V Gets Ghosted with Jamie Loftus

Update: 2022-07-29


If you're seeing this podcast, the universe has a message for you! Don't ignore this sign! Do you talk to the dead? Hit up the tarot deck? Keep crystals in your pockets? Does your spirit guide manifest in a cape? Well you might be a Spiritualist, or at least, might be interested in learning more about this uniquely American religion started in the mid 1840's by two teen girls the night before April Fools Day. Part parlor trick, part grief therapy sesh, part star spangled - if you describe yourself as "not really religious, more spiritual" you're about HALFWAY to becoming an American Spiritualist. Ghost Church podcast host & comedian Jamie Loftus joins V to talk about how the Spiritualist movement got started, influenced presidents, and promoted women's rights. We’ll find out what keeps people seeking the truth even after a century of psychic mediums at the center of the religion being "debunked.”


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V Gets Ghosted with Jamie Loftus

V Gets Ghosted with Jamie Loftus

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