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WANTED: Monsters of Ohio Part 1

WANTED: Monsters of Ohio Part 1

Update: 2020-06-08178


In the 1980s something strange was going on in Ohio. Almost a dozen young girls were kidnapped and murdered, many of the killers still unknown to this day. And it all started in June of 1980 with the case of Asenath Dukat.


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Comments (66)

vickie daley

people we are all Americans by our rights we have that ability to speak freely. which means we all have differing opinions be considerate of others rights and agree to disagree respectfully. All parts of our society has good and bad. it's not one race, sex or Creed it's individuals within. Society will never be perfect don't feed into the negativity be part of the solution. Give the undeserving one kind words and a smile. They can't take away what's in your heart unless you let them. #soldier #Mom #teachet

Dec 21st


Oh yay. They support the Marxist, terrorist group known as BLM. Good lord. Such hard virtue signaling. I can't ...

Nov 21st



Aug 20th

Wendy Tauzier McGinnis

Black lives matters is a hate group that promotes murdering cops. How can a podcast that what's to solve murders and works with the police support this group? I'm no longer listening to your podcast. Back the blue! 🖤💙🖤

Jul 28th
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If she didn't support BLM I wouldn't listen. Period. What's wrong with all you racist assholes????

Jul 25th
Reply (1)

Michele Culpepper

I'm done!! You ruined you show by being a racist ass! let's keep dividing so sad!!

Jul 9th

Upstate SC listener

BLM is a sham. You're supporting bullshit. Blacks kill more whites but facts don't matter. You guys care more about fame than the actual cases. The podcast has gotten worse the last few months. Britt adds zero to this podcast.

Jul 7th

Kalisa Brown

I can't believe some people in the comments are mad bc she supports BLM

Jun 21st
Reply (8)

Corey Permann

Done with this podcast

Jun 19th
Reply (1)

Chet Hjr

Skipping this too!

Jun 18th
Reply (1)

Amy Keoghan

its believed she had been raped?! why say this if u dont know

Jun 18th

Amy Keoghan

a 30 min walk!!!

Jun 18th

victoria limon

This bullshit pisses me off!

Jun 16th
Reply (6)

Nicolle Moyer

Thank you for the beautiful shot out to black lives matter ❤️ Gives me hope we can change. Also love the rainbow 🌈 for pride month!!!

Jun 10th
Reply (1)

Marsay Hobbs

Thank you!

Jun 9th

Sarah Jane Akridge

So sick of people like you being racist pieces of shit.

Jun 9th
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WANTED: Monsters of Ohio Part 1

WANTED: Monsters of Ohio Part 1