DiscoverMommy Labor NurseWhat's It Like to Be an OBGYN with Dr. Nicole Rankins
What's It Like to Be an OBGYN with Dr. Nicole Rankins

What's It Like to Be an OBGYN with Dr. Nicole Rankins

Update: 2023-01-16


This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I am joined by the amazing Dr. Nicole Callaway Rankins who you may know from her very popular pregnancy podcast, All About Pregnancy and Birth Podcast!

Similar to Mommy Labor Nurse, Dr. Rankins offers amazing, online resources for pregnant women because she too knows what a critical role education plays in a woman's ability to advocate for herself during birth and reduce any sense of fear or anxiety she may have.

On today's show, Dr. Rankins is going to share with us more about what it's like to be an OBGYN, memorable moments from her years of practice, thoughts on doula and midwifery care, a bit of birth advice, and more. I'm so excited to share Dr. Rankins with you today, so let's get right into it!

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About Dr. Nicole Rankins

Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins is a board-certified, practicing OBGYN and mom of 2 who empowers first-time moms to feel calm, confident, and empowered for pregnancy and birth. In her over 15 year career she’s helped more than 1,000 babies into this world and has demystified pregnancy and childbirth for thousands more women through her popular podcast All About Pregnancy & Birth, which has been downloaded over 1.25 million times.

She regularly shares holistic, evidence-based pregnancy and birth info with her community of 19K+ on Instagram @drnicolerankins, and has served thousands of moms-to-be through her online birth plan class, Make A Birth Plan The RIGHT Way, and comprehensive online childbirth education class, The Birth Preparation Course.









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What's It Like to Be an OBGYN with Dr. Nicole Rankins

What's It Like to Be an OBGYN with Dr. Nicole Rankins

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