DiscoverReal Estate RookieWhat Makes Rookies Into Millionaires? Quitting What You Hate!
What Makes Rookies Into Millionaires? Quitting What You Hate!

What Makes Rookies Into Millionaires? Quitting What You Hate!

Update: 2022-09-10


Real estate investors are a hard-working bunch. They put in long hours every day to create passive income and find financial freedom. Many investors resort to doing what they hate, day in and day out, simply to escape the clutches of a nine-to-five job. If you’re a rookie real estate investor, you’re probably the property manager, head of acquisitions, tenant contact, and accountant all rolled into one. But this “all or nothing” way of working could slow you down faster than you know.

If you want to take your wealth to the next level, try quitting—it’s what Pat Hiban and Tim Rhode have been doing for decades. As two successful real estate agents, they enjoyed the negotiation games that eventually led to large commission checks. But as the years went by, this non-stop grind took its toll—so much that they both gave up very profitable professions to do what they love. Surprisingly, the “do what you love” lifestyle made them even more money than before!

This is all well and good for a couple of veteran investors, but what about our real estate rookies? What about you, listening to this with one, two, or ten deals? How do you take a step back and become a quitter like Pat and Tim? Can you really make more money by doing less, and even if you could, how do you take the first step? In their new book, The Quitter’s Manifesto, Pat and Tim lay out the exact team and strategy you need to go from burnout to big checks with far less effort.

In This Episode We Cover

How two formal education failures became multimillionaires 

Going from 100% “obligation” work to 100% “interest” work by doing what you love

Finding the “quiet” that brings your best ideas to light 

Building your team of quitters who will hold you accountable to do less and make more

How to find a world-class real estate mentor who will speed up your growth substantially

The financial position you should be in before you contemplate quitting 

And So Much More!

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The Quitter's Manifesto by Tim Rhode and Pat Hiban

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What Makes Rookies Into Millionaires? Quitting What You Hate!

What Makes Rookies Into Millionaires? Quitting What You Hate!