DiscoverMoney Clinic with Claer BarrettWhat they don’t teach you about money
What they don’t teach you about money

What they don’t teach you about money

Update: 2023-03-14


What should you be thinking about for your finances when you are just about to enter the adult world? In today’s episode Claer Barrett meets four sixth-form students Demi, Patrick, Lucinda and Loisse-Lhana, who are trying to figure out how to manage their money as they get ready to leave school. Claer answers their questions about investing, saving and how to budget so that your earnings last the month.

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What They Don't Teach You About Money: Habits to Get You Unstuck and on the Road to Financial Freedom by Claer Barrett is in bookshops from March 16.

Got questions for Claer? Join the FT Live webinar on April 21 where she’ll be discussing her book. 

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Thanks to Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School and Nationwide Building Society.

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What they don’t teach you about money

What they don’t teach you about money