DiscoverAndrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash SinghWhitney Cummings Is Officially GAY
Whitney Cummings Is Officially GAY

Whitney Cummings Is Officially GAY

Update: 2023-04-04


WHATS UP PEOPLE. This week we have the brilliant Whitney Cummings in the studio to discuss the OnlyFans Roast of Bert Kreischer, her mothers recent passing, and her recent love affair with a woman. This episode is a wild ride. INDULGE!

00:00 Andrew watched the Bert Kreischer roast + Flagrant are dorks
04:21 Andrew is Hypocrites + Hollywood is alive
10:35 Whitney is trans + dating a woman
13:43 Birth control impacts EVERYTHING
16:06 U Penn didn't take Epstein money + Roasting Prince Andrew's daughter
28:53 Losing both parents really affects you + child actors is weird
32:20 Whitney is a great kisser + lingerie etiquette
36:01 Tuning up the chest + dating tall women and bald men
38:25 Censoring self because didn't want to hurt parents
40:46 Workaholism + processing grief + babysitters were molesting
48:02 Whitney smashed out a virgin + animal activism
01:00:40 Success early delays growth + processing Hollywood + Shirley Temple
01:03:16 Taking a hiatus + 2 hobbies = fencing, archery and quilts
01:15:15 Stand-up growth + we love you, Whitney
01:24:41 People turning up for Whitney
01:29:42 Supporting everyone including those that hate you
01:33:20 Whitney's OnlyFans are for dirty jokes
01:42:10 The Beatles suck + evolving with your art + Dane Cook was that guy
01:51:46 Dave Attell is a beast + wanting to repackage nostalgia + references
02:00:32 Movie theaters + comedy and romcoms won't work in theaters
02:07:42 Nepobabies + MeToo moments + Chet Hanks handled it the best
02:14:36 Bring back beating white kids + coping with being humbled
02:21:21 Women talk too much + wanting to find out bio-age
02:25:00 Roast of Whitney Cummings is coming
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Bigg Ross

Andrew acting really weird in this

May 5th
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Whitney Cummings Is Officially GAY

Whitney Cummings Is Officially GAY

Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh