DiscoverGet Sleepy: Sleep meditation and storiesWhy the Sun and Moon Came to the Sky
Why the Sun and Moon Came to the Sky

Why the Sun and Moon Came to the Sky

Update: 2023-08-093


Narrator: Thomas Jones 🇬🇧

Writer: Alicia Steffann ✍️

Sound design: crickets 🌾 

Includes mentions of: Magic, Heights, Bodies of Water, Flying, Outer Space, Underwater Scenes, Swimming, Fantastical Creatures, Birds, Fantastical Elements, Folklore. 

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we’ll travel far back in time and imagine an entirely different world in this sleepy retelling of a Nigerian folktale. We'll hear of a world where the sun and moon thought nothing of paying the ocean a neighbourly visit. 😴

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Why the Sun and Moon Came to the Sky

Why the Sun and Moon Came to the Sky

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