DiscoverThe Trial Of Alex MurdaughWill Alex's Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Financial Crimes Trial?
Will Alex's Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Financial Crimes Trial?

Will Alex's Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Financial Crimes Trial?

Update: 2023-09-18


In the midst of numerous criminal charges, the ongoing saga of Alex Murdaugh seems to add another convoluted layer as Judge Clifton Neumann recently set a new trial date for Murdaugh on the 27th of November. The forthcoming trial will spotlight the millions allegedly misappropriated by Murdaugh from the family of his deceased housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield. This case, however, is only a fragment of the 101 state charges he faces.


 On the latest episode of "Hidden Killers," Tony Brueski delved into this intricate case with the insights of Bob Motta, a defense attorney and the host of "Defense Diaries." Brueski initiated the conversation by likening the upcoming financial crimes trial to a spinoff of a larger series. He pondered, "What do you think we're gonna see in the spin-off trial of Alec Murdaugh?"


 In response, Motta expressed skepticism about the necessity of a trial, considering Murdaugh's admissions during the murder trial relating to the financial crimes. He articulated, "I can't see them prevailing. Why has there not simply been a guilty plea entered?"


 One speculated reason is Murdaugh's legal team possibly trying to maneuver him into a federal facility. Motta elucidated on this by explaining the complexities of handling interrelated cases that span years. "When you inject the feds in there, it makes it even more complicated," Motta said, hinting that there might be ongoing attempts to achieve a global settlement, settling all cases simultaneously.


 However, the intricacy doesn't end there. If the trial does ensue on the slated date, questions arise about what evidence will be permissible, especially given Murdaugh's prior admissions during the murder trial. Motta clarified, "In this case, they'll be putting that evidence on, whereas in the murder trial, they were just discussing it." But, Motta warns, this upcoming trial will be dry and laden with documents. "It is going to be tons of documents and that's basically it. The fact that it's Murdaugh will create the interest, but people are not going to be enthralled with this trial."


 One of the most pressing inquiries is whether Murdaugh's admissions during the murder trial, which were made under oath, can be utilized as evidence in the financial crimes trial. "The question always is how do you get it in," Motta pondered, especially if Murdaugh decides not to testify in the financial crimes trial.


 Moreover, there's another angle to consider: if the murder trial is declared a mistrial, what happens to the admissions made during it? Motta clarified, "The sworn testimony having taken place, it took place." He believes that the testimony could still be utilized, especially for impeachment purposes if Murdaugh testifies again.


 While the legal intricacies surrounding the Murdaugh cases are complex, one thing is clear: the trials will undoubtedly continue to capture public attention, not just for the crimes themselves, but also for the legal strategies employed.


 But as the conversation between Brueski and Motta concluded, one question lingers: If the admission from the murder trial is such strong evidence, will Murdaugh's defense even dare to let him testify again, potentially exposing him to even deeper scrutiny?

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Will Alex's Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Financial Crimes Trial?

Will Alex's Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Financial Crimes Trial?

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