DiscoverThe Trial Of Alex MurdaughWill Rebecca Hill Face Charges for Jury Tampering?
Will Rebecca Hill Face Charges for Jury Tampering?

Will Rebecca Hill Face Charges for Jury Tampering?

Update: 2023-09-21


In a recent episode of the "Hidden Killers" podcast, Tony Brueski dived deep into the allegations of jury tampering with defense attorney Bob Motta, the host of the "Defense Diaries." The captivating conversation revolved around the appeal for a new trial due to supposed interference with the jury.


 "We haven't really heard a whole lot from Rebecca Hill, other than that she denies the charges against her," began Brueski, setting the tone for the conversation.


 To the unacquainted, the name Rebecca "Becky" Hill may not ring a bell, but those following the case closely know her as the figure at the center of the alleged tampering controversy. Motta paints a vivid picture of the tight-knit community where the trial took place: "There's so many players down there, and it's such an incestuous area in terms of everyone knowing each other, everyone practices with one another down there."


 Jury tampering, in simple terms, involves unauthorized communications or interference with members of a jury to influence the outcome of a trial. Such actions undermine the judicial process, but determining its occurrence can be complex. Addressing this point, Motta asserts, "If she [Hill] said one word about anything relating to the trial, about believing or not, I believe it's jury tampering."


 This perspective comes from the inherent power dynamics at play. Rebecca Hill, as an elected official, naturally commands respect and authority in her community. Her word carries weight, making her alleged influence on the jurors even more potent. "Jurors just don’t know... It's an incredibly unusual situation," Motta shared, emphasizing the unique vulnerability jurors might feel during their first trial experience.

 Despite the alleged tampering, the crux of the matter remains clear for Motta: every defendant, no matter their perceived guilt or moral standing, deserves a fair trial under the U.S. Constitution. "I detest Murdoch... He's just a terrible person. Notwithstanding that, the guy still has constitutional rights."


 This issue is bigger than any individual or case, as Motta puts it, "We're protecting the Constitution." The sanctity of the legal process remains paramount. "Murdoch is the tree. We have to protect the forest," he adds, emphasizing the larger perspective.


 Another interesting point raised during the conversation was whether Judge Newman might end up as a witness given the potential involvement and knowledge of the alleged tampering. Adding to the complexity, there's the consideration of moving the trial out of the area due to its heightened media attention. "I don’t know where they’re empaneling a jury that's not gonna have heard about this case," Motta admits, pointing to the immense challenge of finding an unbiased jury pool given the media frenzy surrounding the trial.


 Cases like this, as Motta mentions, are among the most significant in his career, not just for their legal complexity but also for their cultural impact. He likens it to the Vallow case in Idaho, which presented its own set of unique challenges and garnered widespread attention.


 In the end, the importance of preserving the integrity of the judicial system is evident. It becomes a cautionary tale of ensuring that every individual, regardless of public opinion, gets a fair shot at justice.


 And while the podcast episode covered this case in-depth, the broader implications remain: In an era of heightened media scrutiny and interconnected communities, can we truly ensure the sanctity of the jury process?

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Will Rebecca Hill Face Charges for Jury Tampering?

Will Rebecca Hill Face Charges for Jury Tampering?

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