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You’re just a devcontainer.json away

You’re just a devcontainer.json away

Update: 2023-03-011


This week we’re joined by Brigit Murtaugh, Product Manager on the Visual Studio Code team at Microsoft, and we’re talking about Development Containers and the Dev Container spec. Ever since we talked with Cory Wilkerson about Coding in the cloud with Codespaces we’ve wanted to get the codebase setup with a dev environment in the cloud to more easily support contributions. After getting a drive-by contribution from Chris Eggert to add a Dev Container spec to our codebase, we got curious and reached out to Brigit and asked her to come on the show to give us all the details.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:12 ) - Sponsor: Postman
(02:27 ) - Start the show!
(10:04 ) - Is resistance futile?
(13:35 ) - Start backwards from the DX
(16:54 ) - Will VS Code become an IDE?
(19:46 ) - Anything from anywhere
(25:16 ) - Dev Container vs Codespaces?
(28:14 ) - Sponsor: Square
(29:06 ) - VS Code and Dev Containers
(33:15 ) - Where does editor config live?
(35:36 ) - devcontainer.local?
(42:36 ) - The best pitch for cloud coding
(46:42 ) - So where is the code?
(51:11 ) - How do credentials work?
(53:29 ) - Moar templates
(56:33 ) - Go curious? Spin up a container.
(59:20 ) - It's JUST that easy
(1:00:43 ) - What's the downside?
(1:03:11 ) - They've pre-baked images
(1:05:38 ) - Have we covered it all?
(1:07:53 ) - Closing
(1:08:07 ) - Outro

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You’re just a devcontainer.json away

You’re just a devcontainer.json away

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