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You can’t take the money with ya

You can’t take the money with ya

Update: 2023-06-22


Tish is free as a bird flying high and Brandi is cranky and exhausted as can be, which makes for, well... just another episode of Sorry We’re Stoned. Tish had a great night hanging with Brandi’s friends, enjoying some quality time before their big trip to Italy! Tish wants everyone to know that her cranky daughter's potty mouth did not come from her. In fact, the cranky didn’t come from her either. Tish is a ray of sunshine unless a person of authority is telling her what to do. Your hosts talk about the overstock struggles that come with auto-shipments, making a cat tree look chic (spoiler alert: not possible) and dealing with narcissists. Brandi is barely holding on to this ship and suggests Dom take the wheel next week, so you’ll just have to stay tuned to see who’s on the mic… 

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You can’t take the money with ya

You can’t take the money with ya

Brandi and Tish Cyrus