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Zoey 101 Actress Alexa Nikolas Gets Vulnerable

Zoey 101 Actress Alexa Nikolas Gets Vulnerable

Update: 2022-11-012


*Content Warning* In this episode, Alexa Nikolas and I discuss the abuse she experienced on the set of Zoey 101 and in her first marriage. Alexa is a survivor who is now organizing and supporting other abuse survivors through holding corporations and institutions accountable. It may be triggering, and we encourage you all to take care of yourself. 

Today my guest is filmmaker, actress, and activist Alexa Nikolas. You may remember Alexa from Zoey 101, The Walking Dead, Revelations, and currently, her work with Eat Predators.

In this episode, Alexa details the abusive and problematic culture she experienced on the set of Zoey 101, helmed by Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon. From wardrobe fittings to bullying from co-stars to meetings without guardians to pictures'll just have to find out. Alexa shares why she left the show and holds Nickelodeon accountable for the abuse she experienced.

Alexa and Christy reflect on how not having control over one's body, due to being child actors, grooms you to be open and vulnerable to other abuses. Christy and Alexa are working to protect and prevent others from experiencing abuse. In 2022, Alexa founded Eat Predators, a survivor-led movement organizing to hold the music industry for enabling and protecting abusers.

We want to offer a special thanks to Alexa for her transparency. This conversation is open and raw. We hope you are left with a passion to, as Alexa says, "Protect survivors. No predators."

You can follow Alexa @matchthesource on Instagram. You can follow Alexa's organization Eat Predators @eatpredators on Instagram. To learn more about Eat Predators and learn how you can support and/or get involved go to To learn more about Alexa's filmmaking, go to

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Zoey 101 Actress Alexa Nikolas Gets Vulnerable

Zoey 101 Actress Alexa Nikolas Gets Vulnerable