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De-Influenced with Dani Austin

Author: Dani Austin

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Going beyond the highlights. Dani Austin peels back the curtain for an unfiltered look into life as a mom, founder, influencer, and entrepreneur
11 Episodes
In today's episode...Jordans spills the deets about how he ended up playing poker with TikTok legend Bryce Hall, a potential UFO is spotted while recording on set, then Dani & Jordan address some crazy assumptions about themselves.   Use code DEINFLUENCED for 15% off site-wide at Equilibria
Dani sits down with podcast legend Claudia Oshry from "The Toast". If you haven't heard of her, what have you been doing? You're going to want to sit back and relax for this one, because there's a LOT to unpack. Enjoy. *sips tea*
They're back for season 2! Dani & Jordan catch up on all life's events since last season, introduce new segments, and talk about some quite interesting things that will for sure make you go "hmmmmm". #iykyk   Use DANI25 for 25% Off Pura's home products!   Join Natural Cycles today and get 25% off your annual subscription and a free thermometer!  
Once upon a time (or two) Dani Austin was canceled by the internet. Dani & Jordan sit down to discuss cancel culture, hate comments, rumors, the effects it had on them, and accountability.
Does Dani Austin "perform" for the camera? Does Jordan Ramirez have a"real job"? Dani & Jordan peel back the curtain of their real life in a brand new format!
From their biggest fights to crazy parenting moments, secret society membership, insecurities, and never-before shared stories... nothing is off the table this week. Dani & Jordan wrap up season one with an unfiltered round of questions. 
On today’s episode, Dani reveals her biggest regrets on the internet, what products are overhyped, why she has Logan Paul’s phone number, if she’s doing a reality TV show, & more. Dani’s team members, Nicki & Jenni, join the show to ask all of your burning Q&A box questions.
In 2021, Dani & Jordan created their hair care company, Divi, from the ground up. In today’s episode, they sit down to reflect on and discuss the behind-the-scenes of building a business “in-house”
Dani & Jordan sit down for a raw conversation about mental health, boundaries, and friendships.
Have you ever wondered what happens on influencer trips? Do brands pay influencers to attend these trips? How do brand deals work? Dani & Jordan dive into the more “hush hush” questions when it comes to the influencer industry.
What was Dani's childhood like? How did she get started on YouTube? Why does the internet call her mom "Tornado"? Dani is joined by older brother, Landon Austin, and the woman who started it all, Tornado, to take it back to the start. Check out Landon's podcast here! 
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Dorcas kn

Going to have to side with Jordan on the disgusting Hospital floors. My husband keeps his shoes on too🤩

May 15th

Katie Brie

Love this - please do more!!

May 9th
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