Baby #3: The FULL Story

Baby #3: The FULL Story

Update: 2024-06-12


Secrets out!!!! We’re pregnant with baby #3 so it’s time to give you ALL the details.

We’re deep diving and getting extremely candid about why we decided to share this pregnancy so early, the symptoms Dani has been struggling with and the pressures of living our life online.

We talk baby names, wanting twins?? And Jordan wanting to move to a farm in Nashville?? Yeah, we’re just as confused as you are lol.

We also share our sweet families reaction and if we’re nervous to go from two kids to three. Plus, what we think about the idea of content creators potentially factoring more content into the decision to grow their family or not.

It’s a positively pregnancy and parenting filled podcast!! We’re so excited to take y’all on this pregnancy journey with us, the good, the struggles and nausea you’ll be hearing about it all.

Mommas if you relate to the struggles Dani has been facing we’re hoping this podcast makes you feel seen and heard. Pregnancy is different for everyone and we’re sending you prayers and hugs if you’ve been struggling.

Thank you for allowing us to have the space to going deeper into these topics and share more than we can on social media. We hope you love this week’s episode!!

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Baby #3: The FULL Story

Baby #3: The FULL Story

Dani Austin