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Welcome to the Hellmouth Weirdos! Your favorite Morbid hosts Ash and Alaina are branching out from true crime and heading to Sunnydale for the ultimate Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rewatch podcast! Alaina is a Buffy superfan and Ash has never watched a single episode, so whether you’re Team Angel, Team Spike, or have no clue who those people are…they’ve got you covered! Join them each week as they slay their way through the series, episode by episode, re-watching, and watching for the very first time. They’ll break down Buffy and her friends adventures through weekly recaps, categories, and awards while Ash takes some (wooden stake) stabs at predicting what she thinks will happen next. They'll also welcome the occasional Buffy cast member, guest star, or celebrity superfan to join in the slaying. Listen to The Rewatcher:
In 2018, a brutal crime rocked the campus of the University of Utah, when a 21-year old track star was murdered on campus. But the story of how this violence unfolded, the perpetrator and his multiple identities and the failures of the campus police continue to haunt the school to this very day. This is the story of Lauren McCluskey, and you're listening to Murder in America.
87: UTAH - The Hi-Fi Murders

87: UTAH - The Hi-Fi Murders


WARNING: This episode is especially gruesome. In the 1970's, a robbery gone wrong escalated into a torturous hostage situation that ended in a series of disturbing murders. The victims were random, and the location of the event? An audio store. This is the story of the Hi-Fi Murders, and you're listening to MURDER IN AMERICA. - Get your dose of MICRODOSE GUMMIES (available nationwide!) at and use code "MIA" for FREE SHIPPING and 30% OFF your first order! _ Try HelloFresh today- America's #1 Meal Kit! Just go to and use code STATE65 for 65% off plus free shipping! - Visit and use our custom code MIA for 30% off your first month of easy online therapy! - Stay Connected:  Join the Murder in America fam in our free Facebook Community for a behind-the-scenes look, more insights and current events in the true crime world: If you want even more Murder in America bonus content, including ad-free episodes, come join us on Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: (will eventually link to your Facebook Page) Twitter: TikTok: and Feeling spooky? Follow Colin as he travels state to state (and even country to country!) investigating claims of extreme paranormal activity and visiting famous haunted locations on "The Paranormal Files":
On February 10th, 2012, a tragedy struck a college campus in Alabama. But the shooter, the murderer, was someone who worked for the school, a professor, in fact. And it turns out that she had some serious skeletons in her closet that she had managed to hide for decades. This is the story of Amy Bishop. You're listening to MURDER IN AMERICA. - Download JUNE'S JOURNEY on the App Store today! - Try Audible now for free for 30 days at OR text "STATE" to 500-500! - Get your dose of MICRODOSE GUMMIES (available nationwide!) at and use code "MIA" for FREE SHIPPING and 30% OFF your first order!
Audrey Marie Hilley had the perfect life from the outside... loving husband, nice home, beautiful family... but deep inside, there was a darkness brewing that would eventually explode into a shower of lies, poison and murder. This is the story of Audrey Marie Hilley, the Black Widow of Anniston, Alabama, and you're listening to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In today's extra-long episode of the show, we dig deep into the transcript of the interrogation of Kegan Kline by authorities in Indiana. Through listening our recreation of the transcript, you will see patterns and notice concerning new details that may point towards the discovery of new evidence and potentially a suspect in the murders. 
Our family members are not always who we think. When Eleonore Richland exposed her father’s dark legacy, she vowed to clean up the family business – and hired her half-brother, Santino Reyes, to help her do it. But old habits die hard. In the shocking new third season, Eleonore reckons with what her father always taught her growing up: medicine is a bloody business. From Wondery, the makers of “The Shrink Next Door” and “Dr. Death,” Blood Ties stars Gillian Jacobs (Community, Love), Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why), and Peter Stormare. Listen to Blood Ties:
In the last few weeks, new information has been revealed about the horrific murders of Libby German and Abby Williams, including a few new developments that have come to light just this week. Are investigators closing in on a suspect? Is an arrest inevitable? Listen to find out.
The Delphi Murders. Those three words sent shockwaves through the state of Indiana back in 2017, and continue to haunt the nation to this day. Join us as we explore what happened on that fateful afternoon, and explore who may be responsible for the murder of those two innocent girls.
In 1996, investigators unearthed the skeletal remains of at least 11 victims on the farm of a seemingly normal father, husband and businessman named Herbert Baumeister. And the details behind the crimes, along with the other evidence (the MANNEQUINS?) is shocking. Join us, as we discuss the serial killer Herbert Baumeister, his unknown number of victims and the haunting of his former home. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA!
Walt Disney World is known as "The Happiest Place On Earth"... but is it? From family annihilations to pedophiles, this theme park complex in Florida seems to be unable to escape from the darkness that it helped to create. Join us, as we explore the dark side of the "House of Mouse". You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA!
In 2018, a high school shooting took place on Valentine's Day in Florida that would become the deadliest high school shooting in American history. This story is sad, brutal, and important to talk about. And this episode, is dedicated to the victims of this tragic massacre. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In 2018, a high school shooting took place on Valentine's Day in Florida that would become the deadliest high school shooting in American history. This story is sad, brutal, and important to talk about. And this episode, is dedicated to the victims of this tragic massacre. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA. - Get 10% off your first month of online therapy with BETTERHELP! Just go to - Get up to 16 FREE MEALS and 3 FREE GIFTS by signing up for HELLOFRESH with our custom code!! Just head to and use code "state16" at checkout!! - Download JUNE'S JOURNEY today on your phone!!
In 1998, a shocking murder rocked the town of Jacksonville, Florida. An eight year old child had been brutally killed, and no one knew who had carried out the crime. And the perpetrator was someone that NO ONE could have EVER suspected... - Try out microdosing for yourself with MICRODOSE GUMMIES!! To get 30% off your order AND free shipping, head to and use our promo code "MIA" at checkout!! - Boost YOUR health and try out DAILY GEM MULTIVITAMINS!!! (They're SO tasty!!). And use our custom link to get 30% off your first order!! - Head to to try Audible FREE for 30 days (or text "STATE" to 500-500)!!
In 1975, a brutal crime rocked a small, sleepy town in Ohio that would forever change the community. On Easter Sunday that year, James Ruppert attacked his own family and enacted a vicious slaughter that has left blood stains in the family home to this day. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In the late 2000's a vicious predator was stalking the streets of East Cleveland, Ohio, searching for victims to bring back to his blood-soaked House of Horrors. The man's name was Anthony Sowell, and he would go on to become one of the worst serial killers in recent American memory. Join us, as we dive deep into the story of the crimes, the story of the victims, and the story of the monster who carried out these horrific acts. - Boost YOUR health and try out DAILY GEM MULTIVITAMINS!!! (They're SO tasty!!). And use our custom link to get 30% off your first order!! - Try out microdosing for yourself with MICRODOSE GUMMIES!! To get 30% off your order AND free shipping, head to and use our promo code "MIA" at checkout!! - Increase your productivity, cut down on the coffee and boost your focus with MAGIC MIND green energy shots!! Use our custom link and enter our custom code "MIA" at checkout to get 40% off your subscription!!!  
In today's episode, we tell the story of Gary Heidnik, one of Philadelphia's most infamous serial killers, the gruesome tale of the "Frankford Slasher" and examine a recent mass shooting in detail. Philadelphia is a great city, but it's also one stained by a dark and disturbing past.
In 2010, a little girl from North Carolina went missing, and a massive manhunt was started to try locate her. Zahra Baker was a cancer survivor and an inspiration to many... but she was taken from this world too soon, by someone that she should have been able to trust. This, is the story of the murder of Zahra Baker. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
This story will break your heart. In Raleigh, North Carolina, just a few short years after a beautiful wedding, one member of the wedding party would go on to slaughter the bride in cold blood. But the details of the murder are shocking, disturbing and deeply bizarre, and you'll definitely be left scratching your head after this one. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In the early 1980's, a brutal massacre rocked the state of Alaska. 8 people, all killed in the same way on the same boat. But to this day, the crime has yet to be solved. Join us as we explore the horrific crime that left Alaska scarred forever, and the potential killers who may have carried it out. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA. - Take control of your mental health with BETTERHELP! Get 10% off your first month by signing up using our show's URL!: - Get the best in audio entertainment with AUDIBLE! Just visit or text state to 500-500 to get your first month with Audible for FREE! - Get the best litter possible for your best friend with PRETTYLITTER! Just head to and use code "STATE" for 20% off YOUR first order!
Comments (35)

Andrew Collins

I don't have Twitter will someone please relay the horrendous sound quality. I do love this podcast but I can barely understand amidst the sketchy feedback. por favor gracias

Oct 5th

Andrew Collins

come on guys fix your sound. Way to much feedback. especially when wearing earphones. I'm about tapped out unfortunately. I can't be the only one!

Oct 5th

Rene Romero

Great podcast, well explained This case was unfortunate, everything could have been avoided if the campus police would have done more in this case. She did all the right things!

Oct 4th


If you want to know how Jim felt as Amy's husband, just look at this picture:

Sep 16th

Lesley Oregarro-Davis

Ive been listening to this Podcast for the last couple of weeks, really good. kinda mad I'am all caught up lol

Sep 7th

Maggie D

amazing 👏

Sep 3rd

Doris Foley

Lose all music or I'm out!

Aug 31st


Back when I was in the 8th grade, no one had a mobile phone or PC which could be used as a lure. Libby didn't seem to be the kind of girl who would believe the outrageous claims of Anthony_strike...he looked like he was still in high school but claimed to be a self-made millionaire. In times of "Catfish", who falls for that?

Aug 27th

Janae Aston

she should have sent him to a psych hospital or juvy and thrown away the key. this piece of shit kid should have been beat to death.

Aug 2nd

Janae Aston

Travis should be held accountable. the crowd was zscreaming stop, clear as day, he saw an ambulance coming through the crowd. security should be held accountable, for not getting on the stage and stopping the show. fuck all of them, they did everything wrong, and people died. did Travis Donate to these families? did he pay for their funerals? did he do anything, but say oh sorry bro? he legit sounds like a piece of shit!! he shouldn't be allowed to tour!!!! and they should all have to pay that lawsuit out, no questions asked!!!!

Jul 30th

Janae Aston

I to have a psychology degree. I have always wonder nature v.s. nurture, born that way, trauma, etc. I will say, being a true crime junkie for years now, we are unfortunately creating the perfect hand book on how to murder and get away with it. What to do, what not to do, etc. Me being a person who loves animals more than people, and has a huge issue with child abuse and child murder. I may sound crazy or unhinged, which i can assure you i am not, but give me a month with them, to torture them until they die the most painful death that could be imagined. our justice system is a complete failure, we are soft and life in prison or sitting on death row for 40 years, is a waste of time and money. They in no way deserve the privileges given, food, medical, education, religion, a bed, working out, tv, intent access, etc. More than most people on the outside. it's pathetic and we the working class are paying the price. Send them to another country's prison system, then let them tell us how hard it is. No tolerance for this bullshit.

Jul 28th
Reply (2)


All kids deserve parents, not all parents deserve kids.

Jul 20th

Andrew Hilt

I love these guys but goddamn this is the most horrendous story I ever heard

Jul 19th

Henri Chinaski

Good episode; the paranormal hocus pocus tangent was so rubbish though

Jul 16th

Michael Gilmore

Duck's In A Row

Jul 15th


So these are senseless murders - is there anything like a meaningful murder, then?

Jul 3rd


Whatever happened to Flight 93 - the footage shown on TV was not from that particular plane! I was a Flight Attendant back then and I was stranded in Toronto, together with my crew; all of us had been trained to work on a 757. It's bigger than a 737 but not nearly small enough to disappear into a hole.

Jul 3rd

Fleetwood McDuecen25

wow! really original! rehashing 30+ year old murder cases that everyone knows , so creative. 🤢🤮🤮

Jun 26th
Reply (5)

Colorado secrets

I love this podcast one the best

May 4th

Mike G

this Amish Community could teach us all about love and forgiveness

Mar 15th
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