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On 'The Kris Krohn Show,' we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and the invaluable wisdom that guests can bring to the table. Expect to be inspired by a roster of exceptional guests from various walks of life. From successful entrepreneurs and real estate moguls to personal development experts and thought leaders, our guests are carefully selected to share their unique stories, insights, and strategies for success. Kris Krohn will engage in insightful conversations, drawing out the secrets to their achievements, and uncovering the pearls of wisdom that can help you on your own journey towards greatness. With each episode, you'll have the opportunity to learn from the best and gain new perspectives that can propel you forward in your personal and professional life.

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In today's very crazy economy it is looking to be very expensive for an entry-level home but you can get an investment property first to supplement your income.
Herman Dolce transitioned from social work to acquiring and owning multiple businesses. He is now dedicated to assisting others in achieving financial freedom as well.
Your 9 to 5 job isn't cutting it. It is impossible to live without a second job but what if you can do something that does a lot of the work for you. Why not?
Stocks vs Real Estate

Stocks vs Real Estate


What is the better investment for 2024 single family homes or Wall Street?
Buying a new house has it's benefits but the old craftsmanship sometimes can't be matched. I'll tell you what I think is the best investment that you should make and where you should be putting your money
I started off like many other people with out much but I was able to launch my fortune with real estate buying my first house. I'll tell you step by step how that worked.
In a recent episode of The Kris Krohn Show, Hailame Kinikini shares his journey in the short-term rental space, particularly with Airbnb. He discusses his decision to leave his job and pursue a career in this field, highlighting the successes and challenges he has faced along the way.
A House is the Best investment you can ever make so why would anyone ever give it up? I'll tell you the top reasons why people sell their house and how you can get a great discount.
We live in a world where interest rates are super high and how does anyone buy a house anymore? I'll tell you some strategies to make the houses seem like they are a better buy.
The real estate market has indeed been challenging recently, but there are signs of potential improvement on the horizon. Experts predict that the housing market will gradually stabilize over the next few years. In 2024, home prices are expected to ease slightly, dropping less than 2% on average. Additionally, as mortgage rates slowly decline, more buyers and sellers are likely to enter the market, which could help stabilize prices.However, the market's recovery will depend on various factors, including economic conditions, inflation rates, and housing supply. While some areas may see more significant improvements, others might continue to face challenges. Overall, it's a mixed outlook, but there is cautious optimism for a gradual thaw in the housing market.
Refinancing in real estate involves replacing your current mortgage with a new one. This can help you achieve various financial goals, such as lowering your interest rate, reducing your monthly payments, or changing the loan term. There are several types of refinancing options available:1. Rate-and-Term Refinance2. Cash-Out Refinance3. Cash-In Refinance4. No-Closing-Cost RefinanceRefinancing can be a strategic move to improve your financial situation, but it's important to consider the costs and benefits carefully.
House Prices are very expensive right now and I don't see them going down anytime soon. I'll tell you how you can still make crazy money investing in properties in 2024.
Interest rates might be high but there are still a lot of places that you can find good deals.
After you finish school you have to start looking at how to improve your finances. I'll tell you what to invest in so you can retire the right way.
401k vs Real Estate

401k vs Real Estate


What is the better way to get rich? Saving in a 401k or investing in Real Estate. I'll tell you the numbers and you can decide
At the end of 2023 interest rates finally started to dip but should you buy a house now or wait?
Car prices have got so expensive and that has lowered your buying power for investments. I'll share with you a great way to earn extra money so you can always invest in the right things.
Kris discusses the trends in American Consumerism.
Pace Morby hasn't been in the Real Estate game for long but he is already crushing it in real estate.
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