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This isn't your average self-help podcast. I provide an unfiltered look into health, fitness, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and human optimization through the perspectives of the world's most incredible individuals. These are powerful, deep conversations designed to educate, inspire, and challenge you to unlock your full potential to create the life you desire.

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Today's conversation is one I've been anticipating for a long time! Seth Godin's work as an entrepreneur, author, and teacher has massively shaped the trajectory of my business, and I'm excited to share his newest book, The Song of Significance. Seth is also the author of 20 best-selling books and the visionary founder of Akimbo, an online workshop designed to transform your leadership. In this conversation, Seth imparts invaluable lessons on why hustle culture falls short and reveals why significance is the ultimate aspiration in life. We delve into the essence of being a leader versus a manager, uncover why business culture is more important than ever, and give practical tips on how you can make an impact through your work. This episode will shift your perspective and propel you toward a life of profound meaning. BPN Key Lime Protein: ⁠⁠ (code NICKBARE10 to save 10%) Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Seth here: Website:  IG: Seth’s new book - The Song of Significance: Topics: (00:00) Intro (1:36) The Song of Significance (4:54) Why Seth wrote his new book (6:55) Hustle culture is a trap (8:19) Culture amplifies enrollment (11:09) Maintaining culture in a digital workspace (12:50) What employees truly desire (15:43) New perspective on turnover (20:52) Scaling isn’t the point (26:23) Choosing surveillance or trust (30:42) Leaders vs. managers (33:51) Teaching through tension (37:30) Organization commitments (41:34) Significance matters most
Today on the show, we have Dr. Kyle Gillett, a renowned advocate for holistic individualized care. With his vast expertise spanning preventive medicine, aesthetics, sports medicine, hormone optimization, infertility, precision medicine, and genomics, Dr. Gillett passionately believes in a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health. In this conversation, we delve deep into the core principles of his practice, centered around the concept of the 6 pillars of optimal health. Focusing on understanding the intricate balance of hormones, we explore the transformative power of hormone optimization and when it's ideal to begin blood work. Additionally, we tackle the crucial topic of finding the right doctor for hormone replacement therapy, unraveling the importance of shared decision-making and an evidence-based, patient-centered approach. BPN Key Lime Protein: (code NICKBARE10 to save 10%) Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Kyle here: IG:  YT:  Clinic: Topics: (00:00) Intro (1:38) Kyle’s background (5:17) Comprehensive blood panels (10:17) Beneficiary of critical thinkers (11:47) Increase of interest vs. issues (14:31) Six pillars of optimal health (22:00) Diet and exercise fix most health conditions (26:24) Optimal diet for everyone (27:30) Hormone optimization through diet (30:08) Individualized diet approach (31:26) Precision medicine (33:46) Gut health complexities (38:55) Increasing gut motility (42:40) Effective probiotics (48:03) Diversified diet (49:41) Exercise protocols (51:23) Impact of endurance training on hormones (1:00:25) Sleep cycles and circadian rhythm (1:03:13) Best time for sunlight (1:04:27) Red light therapy (1:05:13) Optimizing sleep and sunlight (1:09:05) Tips for sleep in a caloric deficit (1:11:58) Stress management (1:16:39) Spiritual health (1:21:43) Male vs. female hormone optimization (1:25:03) Issues of contraceptive methods (1:31:51) Issues of tele-doc for HRT (1:35:19) Optimal male hormone health (1:38:14) Determining the ability to build muscle (1:44:13) Factors to consider before taking synthetic hormones (1:48:17) Accessibility and use of TRT (1:51:56) Why do most individuals utilize HRT (1:55:10) Finding the right doctor (1:57:14) The right age to start blood work (2:00:27) Age of declining testosterone
Today I sit down with the incredible Sam Okunola, a hybrid athlete, world-champion bodybuilder, and Army veteran. We explore the contrasting dietary needs of runners and bodybuilders, delve into the intricacies of incorporating running into a strength training regimen, and uncover the secrets to optimizing performance and achieving the best of both worlds. Sam truly understands what it takes to balance running and lifting. This conversation will empower you to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be a hybrid athlete. Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Sam here: IG: YT: Topics:  (00:00) Intro (1:45) “One step at a time” (6:58) Starting running (13:43) Military running protocols (18:56) Running injuries (34:09) Bodybuilding career (55:43) Gaining lean muscle (1:00:09) Why genetics matter (1:07:12) Managing diet fatigue (1:14:11) Practical dieting strategies (1:23:01) Working out vs. training (1:28:27) Power of running (1:37:28) Runner vs. bodybuilder nutrition
In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jacob Zemer, a performance coach whose approach to nutrition and fitness is both clear and sustainable. We delved into several topics, including taking the first steps toward fat loss, eating out while dieting, and the importance of fiber in our diets. We also unpack common mistakes people make when trying to make a significant change or build lasting health. Whether you're just starting your health journey or looking for new ideas to stay on track, this episode is full of great insights and practical advice. Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Jacob here: IG:  YT:  Topics: (00:00) Intro (1:45) Jacob’s background (9:47) Benefit of lifting weights (17:47) Extremes in nutrition (24:31) First steps for fat loss (31:31) Fat consumption (39:27) Eating out while dieting (46:20) Intentional decisions (52:29) Caloric intake strategies (54:36) Importance of fiber (1:05:21) Getting started with nutrition (1:20:06) Choosing a sustainable diet
As an athlete, entrepreneur, and father, I understand the importance of a consistent morning routine. Today, I discuss the habits and rituals I've developed to set myself up for a productive day, including strategies for avoiding distractions and incorporating movement and mindfulness in those early hours. So if you're looking to improve your morning routine to help you reach your goals, this episode offers practical tips and firsthand experiences from my journey that are sure to help. Enjoy the episode! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: (00:00) Intro (1:45) Changes to my routine (5:55) Why you need a morning routine (9:59) My morning routine (22:05) Making sleep a priority (23:46) Limiting screen time (26:11) Delaying caffeine intake (27:47) Power of morning runs (29:40) Adapting to life circumstances (30:52) Foundation to start your day
Today I sit down with Sam Moffett, a former digital advertising executive who left a successful job to pursue his passion for regenerative agriculture. Sam self-funded his farm, Shirttail Creek Farms, and took on the challenges of building a successful business in a new industry in hopes of changing our food ecosystem. Sam's story is of risk-taking and entrepreneurship as he learns how to transform from a city-dwelling executive to a first-generation rancher providing beef, chicken, pork, and eggs to his local community and nationwide. Enjoy the episode! Topics: (00:00) Intro (1:22) BPN Supps (2:20) Starting a new life on the farm (4:10) Sam’s background (8:47) Farming operations (13:54) Regenerative agriculture (19:30) Diet before starting the farm (22:30) Grass-fed popularity (28:00) Grass-fed regulations (37:40) Choosing the hard right (40:00) Grass-fed benefits (44:53) Truth about eggs (51:00) Scaling Shirttail Creek Farms (1:03:50) Direct-to-consumer operations Save 10% at BPN Supps: ⁠⁠ Follow for more: Keep up with Sam here: IG:
In this episode, I take you through my intense 13-week prep for my first bodybuilding show in over a decade. I lost over 40 pounds, gained immense clarity, and learned many powerful lessons - a humbling yet rewarding experience. I recap my entire prep, from workouts to diet and everything in between. And I breakdown the big day, sharing my thoughts and feelings as I stepped onto the stage and the results that unfolded. Enjoy the episode! Topics: (00:00) Intro (00:46) Contents (02:10) Most challenging prep I’ve done (06:15) Prep background (09:48) Show day placing (11:40) Beginning of prep (19:03) Changing the show (25:27) Effects of an aggressive prep (27:40) Bloodwork results on prep (29:45) Prep struggles (35:15) Peak week (48:35) Show day (56:15) Post-show updates Follow for more: Bare Performance Nutrition:
In this podcast episode, I enjoyed speaking with Thomas DeLauer, a nutrition researcher and expert in nutrition and performance. His personal transformation has inspired millions worldwide, and he continues to share his experience and insights with others to help them achieve their health goals. During our conversation, Thomas shared his wisdom on the science behind fasting and its powerful effects on fat loss and overall health. He discussed the different types of fasting and provided practical tips for getting started. We then discuss how you can balance strength training and running and why doing both is important for longevity. Topics: (00:00) - Intro (01:05) - Strong opinions, loosely held (04:41) - Weight loss transformation (11:54) - Building a brand in the fitness industry (17:03) - Beginning intermittent fasting (23:23) - Metabolically healthy vs. damaged individuals (29:49) - Fasting adaptations (33:28) - Fasting benefits (39:50) - Most beneficial way to gain muscle (44:00) - Dieting approach for eating disorders (53:48) - Damaged metabolisms (58:18) - Balance running and strength training (01:08:54) - Effects of carbohydrates on the body (01:12:16) - Changing your stance on dieting (01:17:16) - Final words Follow for more: IG: YT: Keep up with Thomas here: IG:  YT: Supplements I Take:
Today on the show, I chat with Kat Thomas and unpack her inspiring yet challenging entrepreneurial journey thus far. Kat opens up for the first time about her struggles as a founder and shares lessons about starting a company and finding your identity outside of work. Kat earned her BA from Duke, started her career at Goldman Sachs as an algorithmic trader of European equities, served as COO of American Health Associates, and co-founded MUSH, a ready-to-eat refrigerated oats brand. She even secured funding from Mark Cuban on ABC's Shark Tank and helped scale to thousands of retailers nationwide. Her decade of business experience has shaped her into an incredible leader and operator today as CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition. Enjoy the episode! Topics: (00:00) - Intro (00:55) - Reality of being a founder (04:30) - What would you do if money wasn’t a concern? (08:30) - Problems in the food industry (13:30) - Kat’s founder story (28:26) - Being your own boss (34:57) - Asking for help (41:00) - Scaling MUSH (49:30) - Appearance on Shark Tank (01:05:53) - 4 Phases of Founder (01:12:41) - Emotional attachment to your business (01:16:29) - Finding our identity (01:26:23) - Kat’s health struggles (01:54:55) - Why you need strong relationships Follow for more: IG: YT: Keep up with Kat here: IG: LinkedIn:
Lawyer by day, running coach by night - this is Jeff Cunningham. An Austin, TX-based coach with athletes worldwide training for various distances - including Olympic marathoners. He's the best running coach I know and a sage mentor and friend to many. Today we unpack the essential traits of successful runners, the impact of "hustle culture" in life and running, what it means to be all in vs. all consumed, and why competitive integrity is the advantage you need. Topics: (00:00) - Intro (00:46) - Who does Jeff want to be when he’s older? (02:57) - Running background (05:16) - Coaching background (11:00) - Passion for law vs. running (16:57) - How running can change lives (21:15) - “Hustle culture” in life and running (38:50) - Athlete burnout (42:35) - All in vs. All consumed (48:22) - Isolated vs. community training (56:10) - Traits of the best runners (58:04) - Competitive integrity (01:06:23) - Extreme Ownership (01:10:00) - Final words Follow for more: IG: YT: Keep up with Jeff here:IG:
Today, I'm flying solo and unpacking my thoughts as we close in on the finish of this bodybuilding prep. I break down the difference in training for performance vs. physique goals and their impacts on your health. Along with why routine blood work is beneficial, the difference between overtraining and overreaching, and my future training goals. Thank you all so much for the love and support on the re-brand of this podcast! The feedback has been incredible, and I can't wait to bring you even more great episodes. Follow for more: IG: YT: Topics: (00:00) - Intro (00:46) - Prep updates (04:30) - Training background (06:15) - First bodybuilding show (08:20) - Eating disorder (10:28) - Transition into endurance training (13:45) - Performance vs. physique goals (20:45) - Why I’m doing this prep (24:40) - 1800 calorie diet (27:55) - DEXA scan updates (32:33) - Bloodwork results (39:55) - HIIT bike workout effects (43:23) - Overtraining vs. overreaching (49:40) - Future training goals (53:25) - Final words
On this episode, I chat with Dan Churchill, a great friend and wise council on all things nutrition. Dan is an author, CEO of Charley St protein grounds, and NYC-based performance chef who works with celebrities and professional athletes to reach their fitness goals. We clear up some confusion on trending diet topics (ever heard of seed oils?), help you find the best diet for your goals, expose false nutritional claims, and break down Dan's plant-based dieting experiment. Oh, and we discuss if you should take liver pills...enjoy the episode! Topics: (00:00) - Intro (00:51) - False nutritional claims (05:50) - Weight loss vs. fat loss (07:30) - Consumer confusion on dieting (13:00) - Diet identities (16:55) - Plant-based experiment (25:20) - Aesthetic vs. performance goals (34:00) - Hormone damage (38:15) - Finding the best diet for you (41:11) - The fifth macronutrient (47:41) - Chris Hemsworth diet (52:10) - Effects of cutting (54:00) - Conditioning in prep vs. out (59:20) - Removing seed oils (01:09:58) - Closing down the restaurant (01:19:34) - Fear of judgment (01:23:10) - Delegate and elevate (01:26:01) - Final words Follow for more: IG:⁠⁠ YT:⁠⁠ Keep up with Dan here: IG: YT: ⁠⁠ TikTok:
Today on the show, I sit down to have an inspiring conversation with Lewis Howes. Lewis is a New York Times best-selling author, keynote speaker, and industry-leading show host. We discuss the importance of saying no in life, the collateral damage of overworking, opening emotional wounds to find healing, and what it truly means to have a greatness mindset. Lewis is a man full of wisdom and experience, and today he held nothing back. Topics: (00:00) - Intro (00:57) - Living as our authentic self (06:05) - Learning to say no (12:06) - Result of setting boundaries (12:47) - Are you truly happy? (15:32) - Life transitions (26:40) - Identity foreclosure (28:20) - Meaningful mission (33:36) - Resisting change (37:59) - Emotional coaching (45:06) - Inner peace (47:20) - Regrets of the dying (49:20) - Collateral damage of overworking (55:00) - Finding help to heal (1:01:40) - Opening wounds (1:05:30) - Powerless vs. greatness mindset (1:13:58) - Results of a great coach (1:18:00) - Final words Follow for more: IG: YT: Check out Lewis here: Website: IG:
001: A New Chapter

001: A New Chapter


Life transitions come fast, often unexpected, and leave us to process the complex changes we are moving through. Over the past few months, I've become a father, stepped down from CEO of the brand I've built for ten years, and opened doors within myself that remained shut for so long. These massive life transitions have brought me here - to a place of learning, navigating, and growing. A place we all inevitably will find ourselves. The relaunch of this podcast is to have powerful, unfiltered conversations with the world's most incredible individuals to understand what it takes to reach our full potential and create the life we desire.  Welcome to the Nick Bare Podcast. Follow for more: Instagram: Youtube:  Topics: (00:00) Intro  (00:45) Change is not a threat  (01:25) Books I’m currently reading  (02:10) Massive life transitions (07:00) Becoming a dad (07:45) Stepping down from CEO (09:30) Sharing everything (10:55) The goal of this podcast (11:45) There are no quick fixes  (14:05) What's the solution to change?  (15:30) Life gets complicated  (17:20) Finding solitude (18:30) Best decision I've ever made (21:30) Why the rebrand (30:20) Evolving mission (32:35) Mission, Vision, Values (34:45) Water your character (36:05) Boundaries protect priorities (38:00) Ambition and contentment (40:30) Actions over words (41:50) Accepting change (42:55) Final words Supplements I Take:
Episode #161 In this episode, Nick sits down with BPN’s newly introduced Chief Executive Officer, Kat Thomas. The two go in-depth behind the decision to name Kat as CEO, Nick’s new role within the business he founded, and how this transition happened so naturally. Key discussion points include: - How service and positive impact toward a mission are more important than outcome-driven goals, such as job title.  - The life of a founder and what it requires to bootstrap a business, building from the ground up. - Why ‘brand’ matters and how BPN serves to change lives through the power of messaging and quality supplementation. What makes the best brands different? And how can you apply the lessons of two experienced business founders? Nick and Kat’s conversation will encourage you to go all in on your health, business, and life goals. Read more on our BLOG: Resources: BPN Website - Supplements and Apparel: Nick’s Website: Nick’s Instagram: @nickbarefitness Nick’s Youtube: Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram: @thebareperformancepodcast Facebook: The Bare Performance Podcast
Episode #160 - Go One More | Prove Yourself Right BPN is challenging you to choose something physically hard to accomplish in 2023. We are aiming to reveal the deep confidence that causes us to Go One More; the innate belief in yourself and your ability to push through. You know you CAN accomplish what you commit to, you just have to prove yourself right. Nick and Tony both announce their Prove Yourself Right projects, as well as why BPN aligns so strongly with this mission. They also cover the shift they’re making with their negative self-talk, and how freedom comes from confidence through repetition and consistency. Read more about how you can participate here:  More Resources: BPN Website - Supplements and Apparel: Nick’s Website: Nick’s Instagram: @nickbarefitness Nick’s Youtube: Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram: @thebareperformancepodcast Facebook: The Bare Performance Podcast
Episode 159 - Without Consistency, All Else Fails If you do not have the ability to be consistent, that may be the reason you aren’t reaching your goals and accomplishing the things you want from life. In this episode, Nick answers your questions from his Instagram (@nickbarefitness), most of which were about how to be consistent going into 2023. Here, Nick explains his personal mindset when a new year approaches and how he finds renewed motivation whenever he feels distracted. Nick gives practical steps to achieve consistency in everything you do so you can start next year focused. More Resources: BPN Website - Supplements and Apparel: Nick’s Website: Nick’s Youtube: Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram: @thebareperformancepodcast Facebook: The Bare Performance Podcast
Welcome back to the podcast for her second time, elite runner and BPN athlete: Sally McRae! After completing the Choose Strong Project, Sally sits down with Nick to bond over their love for weight training and how their approach to fitness has evolved over the years. Sally reflects on her early career when many viewed strength training as unnecessary for runners and the unique challenges, she faced in pushing back against that notion as a performance athlete. Sally passionately speaks to the perspective that life is more about how we make others feel than simply our physical appearance. This episode goes beyond just recognizing the accolades of human performance but really emphasizes the commonalities we all have as humans, whether in parenthood, insecurities, or how to be strong for life. “Let’s talk about what we’re doing and not what we look like.” - Sally The Choose Strong Project was an endurance-based event in which she ran 507 miles over the course of 81 days, during 5 separate races. She created this project in honor of her late mother, running 1 mile for every month of her mother’s life. For this project Sally ran Bad Water 135, Angles Crest 100, Leadville 100, Wildstrubel 100k, and a double summit of Mt. Whitney. About Sally: Sally McRae is a professional ultra/mountain runner for Nike. Also known as Yellowrunner, Sally often uses her platform to encourage others in their dream journey and to inspire others to live out their lives to the fullest. She is also a mother of two, endurance coach, writer, speaker, and creates content focused on strength training, dedication, and inspiration. She most recently launched her own strength and mental training app: SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH which you can download directly from her website ( or Instagram: @yellowrunner  More Resources: BPN Website - Supplements and Apparel: Nick’s Website: Nick’s Instagram: @nickbarefitness Nick’s Youtube: Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram: @thebareperformancepodcast Facebook: The Bare Performance Podcast
Episode 155 In this solo episode, Nick reveals how crucial committing to a goal is for his life. He explains how success can and should be broken down to the simplicity of a first step, and why focusing on the task in front of you relives the pressure of how large a vision might be. Nick shines light on the fact that many people find reasons to postpone their goals when life gets difficult, which is why commitment can be so powerful. He also admits that there are warning signs to this level of dedication, and how accountability can help prevent burnout. "Sometimes having someone hold you accountable is not to make sure you actually do it, sometimes it's to make sure you don't over-do it." Nick poses the challenge to commit to something--right now-- for 2023 that will be really hard for you. Use this episode to motivate you to commit to something that will grow, stretch, and develop you as a leader, an athlete, and a better human. If you enjoy this podcast, make sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on all of our weekly releases!  More Resources: BPN Website - Supplements and Apparel: Nick’s Website: Nick’s Instagram: @nickbarefitness Nick’s Youtube: Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram: @thebareperformancepodcast Facebook: The Bare Performance Podcast
Episode #154 – Nick is joined by Leif Babin, former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander and co-author of the NY Times Bestseller: Extreme Ownership. They discuss the most prominent distinctions between military and civilian leaders, how powerful leadership is about considering other people’s perspectives, why simplicity in your communication makes you more impactful, and how ‘silent leaders’ can tend to be the best ones. Nick and Leif also recount gripping stories from their military experiences and how they shaped their future endeavors. “If you interact with other humans in any capacity, you are a leader.” Even without a ‘title,’ you are a leader. Leif passionately speaks to the need to own this responsibility and positively impact the lives of those around you. This episode jumps into practical, inspiring commentary on our lives from two tremendous leaders. About Leif Babin: A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Leif served thirteen years in the Navy, including nine in the SEAL Teams. As a SEAL platoon commander in SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser, he planned and led major combat operations in the Battle of Ramadi that helped the “Ready First” Brigade of the US Army’s 1st Armored Division achieve victory. Task Unit Bruiser became the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War. Leif returned from combat and became the primary leadership instructor for all officers graduating from the SEAL training pipeline. There, he reshaped SEAL leadership training to better prepare the next generation of SEAL officers for the immense challenges of combat. During his last tour, Leif served as Operations Officer and Executive Officer at a SEAL Team where he again deployed to Iraq with a Special Operations Task Force. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and a Purple Heart. Upon his departure from active duty, Leif co-founded Echelon Front, a premier leadership consulting company, where he serves as President, leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor. Echelon Front helps others build their own high-performance winning teams. More Resources: BPN Website - Supplements and Apparel: Nick’s Website: Nick’s Instagram: @nickbarefitness Nick’s Youtube: Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram: @thebareperformancepodcast Facebook: The Bare Performance Podcast
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