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This isn't your average self-help podcast. I provide an unfiltered look into health, fitness, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and human optimization through the perspectives of the world's most incredible individuals. These are powerful, deep conversations designed to educate, inspire, and challenge you to unlock your full potential to create the life you desire.

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In today's episode, I share my experience of The Speed Project, one of the toughest, grittiest, and most disruptive races. We gathered six runners who had never worked together before to participate in an unsupported 300-mile relay race through some of the most unforgiving terrains in the country. The course was full of inclines and declines, with thousands of feet of elevation gain and loss through mountains and deserts, and we had to plot our own route with precision and speed. This was an unparalleled experience for me, and I can't wait to share some of the stories that came out of it with you all. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:29 Welcome 3:08 The background of The Speed Project 8:46 BPN’s involvement 12:53 June is going to be a big month at BPN 14:59 What has made The Speed Project unique 17:15 The logistics 22:59 The start of the race 28:26 Our approach of the route 38:32 Barstow and the dogs 45:29 The difficulty of planning the course 49:24 Our fuel strategy 54:43 Where it got really interesting 1:02:33 The last 40 miles 1:06:07 Doing the hard things
This week's episode comes from our Los Angeles base camp as we prepare for The Speed Project. I welcomed Lucy Haldon, an exceptional hybrid athlete from Manchester, UK, as our guest. In this episode, Lucy and I had a raw and vulnerable conversation about her experience dealing with imposter syndrome after being invited to join our team for The Speed Project. We also discussed the challenging yet rewarding decisions that come with letting go of negative relationships and shared our experiences of overcoming eating disorders. Lucy is a true inspiration to people all over the world, demonstrating what it means to have courage in the face of adversity. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Lucy here:IG: Podcast: Topics: 0:00 Intro 1:05 Welcome 2:39 The Speed Project 7:50 Exposing vulnerabilities 13:17 Imposter syndrome 18:21 Embracing the discomfort 25:14 The confidence to ask questions 28:57 Getting around the right people 43:36 Courage is the action required 47:17 The pain cave 53:39 Lucy’s training evolution 1:02:11 Overcoming eating disorders 1:12:41 Setting the example 1:18:27 The most exciting race
Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:52 Athlete week 5:40 The future of the team 9:40 Surviving vs thriving 13:27 Being the best brand 17:35 Pursuing what matters 27:59 Feeling inferior to your potential self 38:31 The mockingbird and the crow 45:56 Belief and courage 48:04 You can’t be the best at everything
In today's episode, I am breaking down the responsibility of being a leader. We all take on leadership roles in some capacity, and it is our responsibility to learn and grow in these positions. While I wasn't always confident in my leadership abilities, my experiences as a platoon leader in the Rangers and leading BPN for the past 12 years have provided me with invaluable insights and lessons that have shaped my leadership ethos. Tune in to this episode to hear more about my journey and be encouraged on how you can develop into a leader that people are compelled to follow. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:33 Welcome 3:24 My recommended reads 6:16 Leadership is not a job title 14:47 My first introduction to leadership 25:07 The start-up phase 30:13 BPN equity incentive plan 42:59 Never Go Back 56:20 Comparison 1:02:49 Competitors vs enemies
In today's episode, I'm laying out eight things I would do if I had to start training all over again. I am sharing things I did right as well as things I did wrong. You will hear about what I've learned through years of strength training, marathon preps, and nutrition with simple yet effective lessons that will optimize your performance and progress. This episode inspires you to take incremental steps to achieve exponential results. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:32 Welcome 5:25 What I’ve done right and done wrong 7:02 Get serious about strength training 17:57 Run earlier but run smarter 26:34 Eat properly to fuel your training 39:56 Prioritize strength and power 49:19 Train for performance over aesthetics  55:47 Hire more good coaches 1:02:43 Take the bulk/cut cycles with a grain of salt 1:12:27 You have to fall in love with the journey
In today's podcast, I am kicking off a new series. The "Current Obsessions" series is all about what is fueling me and my passions for this moment in time. I'm talking about life updates, what I'm eating, reading, and listening to, and most importantly, what is inspiring me. This has been a massive season of growth and learning for me. I am especially excited to share the thoughts and ideas shaping my perspective on business, relationships, and the world. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:32 Welcome 1:29 Life update 8:20 What I’m reading and listening to 18:40 What I’m eating 28:46 Writing my next book 35:09 Winning isn’t the ultimate purpose 41:03 Learning is a personal responsibility 48:11 Mastering the basics57:12 Setting boundaries 1:02:00 Courage is required
Today's episode is all about hybrid athlete training. I have received many questions from listeners interested in learning about various aspects of training, such as training sequences, methods to avoid overtraining, and even recovery tips. I am excited to share what I've learned over years of hybrid training that has helped me achieve long-lasting results and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, tune in for valuable guidance to support your fitness and health journey. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:26 Welcome 2:34 Why hybrid and what is it? 8:45 What I’m training for next 12:58 A typical week of training 16:57 Sacrificing size for speed 22:29 How I find time to lift and run 34:36 Balancing training legs and running 39:41 How to avoid overtraining 50:37 Training sequences 54:59 Recovery
055: Can You Do Your Job?

055: Can You Do Your Job?


In this week's solo episode, I'm recapping life updates, the Austin Marathon, and what it means to do your job. Doing your job isn't only about the overall tasks but also how you execute and show up in this moment. It is about where your feet are right now, whether you need to show up as a boss, employee, spouse, parent, or friend. It's about doing the tough things and finishing well, making the hard choices that will lead to long-term gain. So the question today is, can you do your job? Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:51 Welcome 2:27 Baby boy Bare 11:57 Austin Marathon weekend 13:55 My history of the Austin Marathon 17:00 The future of BPN in Austin 24:08 Can you do your job?  32:58 Doing my job as CEO 36:43 Getting the brand back on track 41:34 Our key initiatives 51:19 Who you surround yourself with 56:32 Three different types of people 59:49 How I’m approaching CEO differently
In this week’s episode, I am proud to announce I am moving back to Austin and stepping into the CEO role again. I’m pulling the curtain back and telling the whole story of what has led us to this decision. 2023 was full of challenges and lessons learned, but I am more energized than ever to have BPN show up as our unapologetic, authentic self in 2024 and beyond. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:32 Welcome 4:53 BPN Manifesto 8:44 Where we are now 15:05 The background story 24:23 The process we’ve endured 34:39 We got ahead of ourselves 40:31 When the deal fell through 52:15 My key takeaways 56:19 Entrepreneurship 59:35 The next chapter
In today's episode, I am answering some of the most frequently asked questions on building muscle and losing fat. The health and fitness industry is flooded with "30-day challenges" that promise quick results. However, most of these methods are unsustainable in the long run. My aim with this episode is to provide you with techniques to develop new habits and thought processes that will compound, leading to long-term, sustainable results. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 0:57 Welcome 1:39 The grind 5:11 You make progress in drops 12:03 Set the standard 14:19 Strength training and cardio 23:05 Anabolic state 26:14 Losing weight 34:31 Specialized training 41:47 Diet 48:28 Unhealthy relationships with food 52:30 Over eating 58:06 Fitness and diet challenges
Welcome to today's podcast episode, where we're diving into the world of communication. Our guest, Pete Hixson, is an expert at helping businesses clarify their message through StoryBrand. Communication is often considered a passive skill, but it's our greatest skill. Whether navigating tense conversations or aiming to balance kindness and clarity, this episode will give you the confidence to own your communication skills. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Pete here:IG: Website: Speaking & Coaching: Topics: 0:00 Intro 1:01 Welcome 3:15 What StoryBrand is 7:14 Good communication isn’t a passive skill 12:33 What ineffective communication looks like 15:28 The guide vs the hero 19:48 Passion driven communicators 28:24 Getting to the bottom line 34:12 Balancing kind and clear 41:33 Communicating through tense conversations 56:57 Generosity with no expectations 1:02:18 Awareness of faith 1:08:49 Disappointment of failed expectations 1:13:09 Sharpen the ax 1:17:04 Never not on mission
Today, I'm reviewing five life lessons I've learned while building an 8 figure business. Following the process doesn't always guarantee success, and the world won't comply with your needs, but I've learned that I am more capable than I thought, and I believe you are, too. Choose to be a high achiever, say no to mediocrity, and build something you are proud of. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 1:57 Welcome 6:31 Backstory 10:49 The process doesn’t guarantee success 14:24 The world doesn’t comply to your needs 25:27 You are more capable than you think 41:02 Control 44:35 High achievers 52:26 The value action gap 54:51 Your most valuable skill 1:01:48 Be cautious of the norm
In today’s solo episode, I’m breaking down what has helped me stay consistent with my nutrition and giving tips on how it can work for you. When it comes to food and fueling your body well, you are planning to fail when you fail to plan. From responsible grocery shopping to learning how to cook to meet your nutritional needs to packing a gallon bag of chicken and rice that you can break out while waiting for a flight. I hope this helps make a consistent and nourishing diet seem more attainable. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 1:04 Welcome 3:23 Travel stories 12:03 Forward thinking, backwards planning 15:45 Travel hacks 29:52 Learn how to cook 33:34 Being a responsible grocery shopper 36:42 Meal prep 41:33 Prioritizing protein 49:20 Addition opposed to elimination 53:11 My diet approach 1:00:07 Going out to dinner
Today, I’m sitting down with my close friend and BPN employee #5, Jordan Utter. Jordan was brought on at BPN in 2019 as the first creative hire. We’re sharing stories about the early days and what it took to build not only a company but also a brand fueled by creativity. We’re talking about lessons learned, creating out of passion instead of following trends, how the mission impacts your work, and everything in between. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Jordan here: IG:
In this solo podcast episode, I share my top six actionable tips for crushing 2024. I'll be breaking down the why, what, and how of reading more, controlling what you consume, taking ownership and accountability of the process and outcome, exploring your curiosities, not confusing movement with progress, and adopting a "no bad days" mindset. Let's take action and crush our goals in 2024. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 0:00 Intro 1:33 Welcome 2:33 2023 was a challenging year 7:24 Read more  22:27 Control what you consume  26:52 Take ownership and accountability of the process and the outcome 34:31 Explore your curiosities 39:25 Don’t confuse movement with progress 45:36 The no bad days mindset
Today's episode is with Harvey Lewis, a high school teacher who set a world record at Big's Backyard Ultra this year, running 450 miles over five days. He shares his story of becoming an ultrarunner, his daily routine of running to work, his near-death experience, and his mindset when preparing for a race. Harvey gives us an inside look at his experience running the Barkley Marathons, one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world, which only 17 people have completed. Hearing about his dedication, perseverance, and passion for running inspires and engages runners and non-runners alike. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Harvey here: IG: Topics: 0:00 Intro 2:00 Welcome 6:56 Harvey’s marathon journey 12:17 Navigating hardship 17:13 Near death experience 21:58 The power of movement 28:01 Abundance mindset 33:09 Does accessibility limit experience? 44:29 Running to work everyday 54:16 Training for big runs 58:31 Barkley Marathons 1:17:33 Preparing for the Barkley Marathons  1:21:22 Last Man Standing races 1:29:30 70% mental 30% physical 1:32:01 Where your mind goes when it gets hard 1:45:37 The potential of backyard ultras 1:50:15 How people impact you for success
I'm excited to have sleep expert Todd Anderson on the podcast today. We discuss his journey from being a walk-on for Michigan State's football team to becoming a leading voice in sleep science. Todd shares insights into how sleep affects all areas of our lives, from hormones to cognitive performance and all-around well-being. Todd shares his knowledge of simple yet effective ways to optimize your sleep and get into healthy habits and routines. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Todd here: IG: Topics: 0:00 Intro 1:41 Welcome 2:34 Walk on at Michigan State 17:44 Mind and body transformation 21:43 How insecurities can shape your future 26:41 What’s the worst that can happen? 33:59 The impact of sleep 40:52 Sleep’s effect on hormones 43:33 Prioritizing sleep 46:48 Optimizing sleep 51:56 Sleep routines 57:12 Adding to your sleep routine 1:01:30 Mouth taping 1:13:45 Saunas and cold plunges
In today's solo episode, I'm sharing a recap of my experience running the California International Marathon. I take you through how I prepared to achieve a PR of 2:39, in the days and moments leading up to the starting line. You will hear everything from how I fueled before and during the race to the course conditions and what was going through my head that ultimately led to an important epiphany. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Topics: 00:00 Intro 1:56 Welcome 6:08 Splits 8:46 The days leading up to CIM 12:57 The morning of the race 19:58 Moments leading up to the start 21:54 Consuming water and electrolytes on course 24:23 The course profile 27:37 It’s going to be a good day 31:46 I wasn’t running the race for myself 34:09 The last few miles 37:14 It wasn’t just 12 weeks of prep 39:19 Recovery
Today's podcast episode features an engaging conversation with Lyle Phillips, the pastor of Legacy Church in Nashville. Lyle shares his journey of rising above drug abuse to become a pastor, and we emphasize the importance of leaving a legacy through generosity. We discuss the idea of finishing well, even when you can't finish strong, and how pain can be used as a reward for enduring the process, shaping us for the better. It's a genuinely thought-provoking and uplifting conversation that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Lyle here: IG: Topics: 00:00 Intro 1:30 Welcome 3:07 The Disney Marathon 8:53 We all need goals 16:14 Running as a spiritual practice 19:03 Running for clarity 21:38 What lead Lyle to a life of ministry 36:52 Prioritizing a relationship with God 39:18 Leaving a legacy through generosity 47:46 Stop for the one 53:21 Leaving an impact on people 58:50 Finishing well 1:08:48 Surrendering to the pain 1:18:14 What level of leader are you?
In today's podcast, I sat down with Joe Greer to discuss our preparations for the upcoming California International Marathon. We explore how running enhances creativity and helps clear mental space, sharing our techniques for ensuring we are mentally and physically prepared for the race. There is a wealth of insight into the power of running as a tool for physical and mental wellness, and it will help anyone looking to run faster and smarter. Enjoy! Save 10% at BPN Supps: Follow for more:  IG: YT: Keep up with Joe here: IG: Topics: 00:00 Intro 1:35 Welcome 2:22 CIM prep 8:23 Strength training for marathon prep 12:49 Physical and mental preparation for a big run 25:50 Marathon experiences 33:39 Why Joe loves marathons 40:23 What sets your soul on fire 47:07 Joe tries the beets 50:21 The Wall 58:19 Setting the conditions 1:04:35 What running does creatively and mentally 1:17:19 The best run of your life
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Awesome to hear how Nick is growing personally in his faith and relationships. This year his content has been some of the most joy-filled and authentic that I’ve seen from him. Keep up the great work!

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